Saturday, June 24, 2017

Homosexuals In The White Nationalist Movement



I considered uploading the audio file above to the website as an episode of Radio Free Northwest, or else as a separate podcast. Considered it for about ten seconds.

Uh ... no. This entire subject is so distasteful, and this recording is so graphic and specific, that I don't want it to have any official connection to RFN or the Party.  Nevertheless, I'm giving those of you who are interested the opportunity to download it and listen to it.

It is long, 90 minutes. The original version of this has already appeared on YouTube. I have edited out approximately 25 minutes of filler, consisting of the usual ooohs, eeeehs, uuuuhs, like, you knows, and other stutters. I have edited out around 85% of the shits, fucks, and fuckings, so that the young men on the panel do not sound like white niggers. In addition, I have edited out several brief passages where they were talking over one another and the conversation was incomprehensible. No political or content editing was done.

I am of the opinion that a YouTube presentation of this edited version might be useful. I have a couple of channels, but lack the skills to add video to audio. I hope some of you with YouTube channels might fill that gap.

For the record, no disrespect or derogation is intended to these comrades. They are Millennials and products of their place and time, they comport themselves accordingly, and it is unreasonable of any of us to expect differently.

It is very important that we all understand the wider importance of this audio segment, that we be aware of what is going on in our own Movement and what will happen if we do not make a conscious and deliberate course alteration.

I can only say what I have said before: Grandpa Simpson comparisons to the contrary, I'm still available, and more importantly, so is the Northwest Imperative. You know, the idea that will win the 14 Words for us.

I'm 63 years old, and it's true that I have some health issues. So far these are still at the level of being merely annoying. They could be worked around, given concrete and material assistance from serious and committed adults. I could have ten or more productive years left in me. Ten years is a long time to get things done.

If the cavalry comes over the hill in time, i.e. sooner rather than later, something can still be done by people who remember and who know what the cover of the puzzle box is supposed to look like.

If the cavalry doesn't come, and come within a measurable future, then ... well, this is what the fate of our race and civilization depends on. Give it a listen.


Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hi, guys:

Sorry, I'm getting distracted and letting this blog slide again.

Might as well take this opportunity to put in a plug for the other blog.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - June 22nd, 2017

Andy on Movement and alt.right Jews and bugger boys, plus Gretchen and a British National Socialist and more HAC on stochastic terrorism.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Here's Another Cute One

I always wished we could have gotten a better mascot than a frog, but I admit, some of these Kek things are pretty droll.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - June 15th 2017 

HAC with another installment of How To Do This For Yourselves 101 as well as some comments on Alt.Right LARPing.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

From Harold's Hofjude

[I'm sorry, I know this guy is a Jew, but he is just such a SCREAM sometimes ...]
"In the meantime, Trump prevails, the mad bull elephant of the Republican herd, majestically swinging his trunk against everything breakable in the political china shop while trumpeting “Covfefe! Covfefe!” Last week it was the Paris Climate Accords. The op-ed writers in the usual places bounced off the walls of their virtual rubber room in response. Paul Krugman had to be dragged down to hydrotherapy at the NYT after he set his hair on fire. And Rachel Maddow practically popped a carotid artery in her muscular neck from all that shrieking."

-James Howard Kunstler

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

HAC On Propaganda Of The Deed 

Hi, guys:

This video is important. It is my Joseph Stack presentation of February 2010.

The importance lies in the fact that this is my official response to those who claim that I in some manner approve of, or am inciting to, acts of individual violence. This is untrue, as I am sure the federal law enforcement agents charged with monitoring my activities are perfectly well aware, but then Edgar Steele and Bill White never committed a violent act in their lives and in fact argued against violence, and we all see where they ended up.

Whatever the future may hold, this puts my attitude clearly on the public record. Please make an extra special effort to spread this link around so that as many people as possible watch and (hopefully) understand it.