Sunday, May 01, 2016

In The Belly Of The Beast

[Date on original cut away with scissors, apparently]

Hello, Harold,

Well, the legal situation here is finally turning in my favor. Things are going slowly and everything is a fight, but the fights are being won. It's like pulling teeth, but eventually under their own rules and regulations and by the dictate of their own Supreme Court, the dictatorship must release me from prison.

The major problem with my Virginia case from the beginning was that it was never investigated. The dictator's servants have stated in court that they just "assumed I was guilty" and so never bothered to check out anything, and since my Virginia defense counsel [name redacted] was an utter incompetent who just wanted to collect his $10,000 and go home, neither did he. My Florida defense counsel was an overworked public defender who felt that lying to me was the best way to get me out of his hair with my incessant demands that he actually do things

The end result is that no actual forensic investigation into the evidence against me in either the Virginia or the Florida charges was ever conducted, by anyone. My lawyer told me he had done one to shut me up, and that was it.

[In my opinion the following discussion of how the forensic proof of Bill's innocence was discovered and the use being made of it is of potential use to hostiles who wish to do Bill harm, and will therefore be redacted. Suffice it to say that the allegation that at least one of the crimes was committed by the state's primary witness again him is now conclusively proven, if he can ever get anybody in the system to pay attention to a damned word he says. Sorry, Bill, I know you want to shout this stuff from the rooftops, but this is a judgment call on my part. I don't want to be blamed when this all goes south because the dictatorship simply has no intention of ever releasing you, at all. - HAC] 

How did all this happen? The government's "lead computer forensics examiner" [name redacted] was not in fact a technical person but a female deputy sheriff who had gone to a departmental training course somewhere and had no idea on earth what the fuck she was doing or talking about. The government had her research various technologies. Most of what she found they didn't like, and so they concealed it from me and from my attorney who didn't give a rat's ass in any case. 

You see, the regime knew that my lawyer wasn't defending me. They knew he wasn't reading the discovery. They got an order banning me from seeing discovery because I might sic my non-existent "followers" on people. This was later overruled in Florida, and so some years after conviction, I finally saw the evidence against me.  The government assumed, correctly, that they would be allowed to get away with any crime in order to obtain my conviction. 

For the past few months since the Elonis ruling the dictatorship's efforts in Florida and Virginia have been aimed at obstructing my access to the courts and my attempts to get someone with the authority to make a ruling look at the evidence, as was not done in either the Virginia or Florida case. They have intimidated witnesses, intimidated attorneys, the jail authorities here are refusing me legal phone calls presumably on the instructions of the FBI, and they are holding my mail even longer than usual. It is clear that a lot of my legal mail is being re-routed to Katmandu or beamed up to the Enterprise, which is of course completely and utterly unlawful, but so what?. They are clearly determined that the overwhelming legal and forensic evidence that proves my innocence will never see a court of law.

[Another long discussion of that evidence redacted. Sorry, Bill, guys, but while we need to make sure Bill is never silenced, I'm just really twitchy about giving out info that could be used to do harm by these evil people. - HAC]

Lastly, all of the regime's evidence about [the primary witness against him and her commission of the crime] was actively suppressed by the United States Attorney and hidden from the jury. I'm tempted to say hidden from my lawyer as well, but I think that's more a case of he just never bothered to look.

So of course now I'm trying to file motions, and the law won't even allow me to do that. I have to wait for my inept attorney to finish my Writ of Certiari to the Supreme Court. That petition is good, but no one expects the Supreme Court actually to hear it, so I now have to resubmit my 155-page original filing with a 40-page supplement, assuming that I'm not in transit. 

I am constantly being threatened with more diesel therapy, being bounced around from BOP to county jail to "privatized facility" for a few months, just to separate me from my legal resources and attorneys for a time, let the FBI rummage through all my stuff at their leisure, and cause more crucial papers mysteriously to disappear. There is a court order specifically prohibiting the dictatorship from doing this, which I'm sure gives the FBI a good laugh.

Meanwhile, it would be a quiet morning, but all it takes is one off-medication mentally ill Induhvidual wandering around bellowing to himself to ruin it. For some unknown reason we have recently had the worst black retards, and I mean that literally--not violent, not really crazy, just retards--moved out and replaced with Mexicans and a few Whites who all sleep at night, unlike the nig-nogs (blacks seem to be naturally nocturnal animals. Have you ever noticed?)

I hope things are well with you. I heard about the new Obama $20 bill with the she-boon on it. I suggest calling it "the slave" as in, "I need $100. Gimme five slaves."

Be well, Harold. Thank you for all you do.


* * *

Note from HAC: For what it is worth, I am now convinced that the mentally and emotionally disturbed individual who has been posting on the comments section of this blog a series of incoherent and sexually explicit tirades about Bill, fantasizing about his homosexual rape, obsessing about his body, etc. is someone associated with federal law enforcement, the office of the United States Attorney, or the Department of Justice who at some point in the process has access to Bill's mail intercepts.  

This is due to several comments within the raves which indicate knowledge of the contents and wording of some of my letters which so far as I know have not been allowed to reach Bill, but have reached whoever is making these disturbed posts.

I originally thought this was being done by some kind of federal faggot, but on reading the bizarre texts carefully, I see it conceivably could be a woman. I know that one of the correctional sergeants in Florida where Bill was held for almost a year was a homosexual sadist, but I can't see how a Florida jail deputy would gain access to copies of White's interdicted correspondence.

I know better than to expect anyone to do anything about this, but I just want you folks know what kind of sick puppies we have wielding the power of life and death over us, at Barry's behest. Imagine what fun they will have under the Hildebeest.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - April 28th, 2016

HAC reports on the election developments and gazes into the crystal ball as to how "it" might finally happen.

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Reader

[Sent this new inquirer a free Brigade in .pdf format some weeks ago. - HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington:

I completed the read of your book in its entirety.  I must say that it was more enjoyable than Shogun. I personally think it would make a good film. Alas, it would need to be privately funded. 

I had alternating thoughts throughout the read. Sometimes I found myself reading a book of fiction and other times I actually felt that you were talking to me. Authors, clever ones, can weave messages into their tales if people will only listen. I would also wager that some people would see it as a guide or instruction manual, but that would only get a person in trouble if it were true. 

After I read the last page I sat for a moment and thought, “Would the government really fight fair and/or use just conventional weapons?” I came to the conclusion right then that the Unites States government is far more evil and Luciferian in nature. I am talking about the same people that had a hand in 10/22 (wink), that boldly tells us that our kids don’t belong to us and that the old and inform have no value. These same evil people that would not stop or pull a punch until they had a boot on our throat just so they could listen to the gurgle of the last breath as it escapes our lungs. 

If that fight ever appears in my lifetime then the only way to come out the other side is go through it and go through it at full speed, full force and don’t quit till you see ocean. Basically tear it all down and start again and this time get it right.

- J. A.

[Anyone wanting a free copy of any of my Northwest novels who can hande reading a long book on a computer screen, let me know at and I'll send you a .pdf by attachment. - HAC]

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Five F's Of The Democrats

206,000 felons (read niggaz) being given the vote in Virginia by Clinton toady Terry McCauliffe in order to make sure the Hildebeest carries Virginia and its electoral votes and establishes the One Party State for all time.

Remember the five Fs that that the Democrats always unleash on general election day to overwhelm weak, timid, and confused White voters: Foreigners, Felons, Faggots, Feminists, and Fraud.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mantra Time Again

If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn't be happening.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - April 21st, 2016

HAC election update and comment on That Day, plus he speaks of Horst Wessel and our own paranoia. Andy on why he’s such a jerk, Gretchen on the Sacred Book of Adolf Hitler.

Monday, April 18, 2016

"I Am So Tired Of Bad People Winning"

[This letter actually got here in reasonable time, which makes me think that somehow or other it slipped through the normal FBI censoring and photocopying routine; usually it is virtually unknown for letters from Bill to reach me in less than 30 days.

After some thought I am going to redact sections from the first part of this letter, because Bill is facing numerous appeals as he fights to compel the dictatorship to abide by the dicates of its own Supreme Court in his case. Some of his comments here are sufficiently intemperate to where, in my judgement, they could jam him up and be used against him by the dictator's servants, whereupon I, of course, would be accused of being responsible for any negative impact Bill's published comments had on his case. So be advised there has been some discretionary trimming here. - HAC]

April 9, 2016

Hello, Harold:

I am told that you received my §2255 and Rule 33 motions. Please circulate them widely.

Since these have been filed I'm feeling less pressured than I have felt since January. I knew three years ago, given how my attorney was acting, that this case would be won on §2255. I've been preparing this motion for three years, and now it's finally on the docket.

[Comments which I believe might be injurious to Bill's case and incite the dictator's servants to violence redacted. - HAC]

The experience which I had in Roanoke,  which I detail in my
§2255 and rule 33 motions, is the pretty much normal experience of a federal criminal defendant. Faced with an extremely weak government case, the typical defendant receives not an actual defense attorney but a public defender (the two are not the same) who is paid by the very régime which is attempting to do the defendant harm. 

This man or woman sees his or her job as doing whatever is necessary to obtain a plea of guilty to something, and thus avoid actual trial proceedings which might place into the public record precisely how weak and fabricated that government case in fact is. Ethical considerations are no object in obtaining a plea bargain, anything goes, and the actual guilt or innocence of the defendant is not an issue. 

(This is usually the point where the sheer horror of a defendant's situation sinks in to them, when all of a sudden they get that it does not matter whether they are guilty or innocent of the crime they have been charged with. That nobody in the system cares whether they are guilty or innocent. They are now "part of the process" as lawyers put it, an essential cog in the wheels of the great machine that generates an endless cascade of cash for lawyers, judges, federal law enforcement agencies, prison guards and employees, bureaucrats, and all who draw their sustenance, leech-like, from all of the above in the multi-billion dollar justice and prison industry.)

Federal public defenders and other pro bono appointees are presently (I think) paid a standard $10,000 per case. To do a case properly they would have to do sufficient work so this would break down to $20 per hour or so. But they want to make $500 per hour, and so they devote 20 hours of prep and research to a case that should take 500 hours. (Two cases per week, that's $20,000 per week or a little over a million bucks per year. Now you know why lawyers drive Lincoln Town Cars and wear Armani.)

The overwhelming number of defendants are bamboozled or intimidated into taking a plea bargain, thus making the crucial admission from the start that something happened and whatever it was, you did it. The dictatorship understands that if everyone insisted on their right to trial, it would bring the entire system crashing down, and they will go to almost any lengths to avoid a trial. One single guilty plea to anything, and it's almost impossible ever to get out from under it. 

Paid defense attorneys usually aren't too much better; it is virtually impossible to find anyone willing to defend a federal felony case for less than $50,000, some of which will be split with a "second chair," which is a way that lawyers spread the wealth around their own community and allow the system to generate cash flow to themselves. Almost none of this money will be spent on the actual defense of the client, or even on research in a law library looking up the law itself, which given how poorly drawn many federal indictments and court documents are, could have gotten many people out of prison and still could if prisoners had access to any meaningful kind of defense counsel. The money goes into the lawyers' pockets.

I have a lot of experience writing briefs for other inmates who have no meaningful access to legal counsel other than the useless and often actually damaging public defenders' office, and who in any case almost never see their public defenders again in person, after conviction. It is impossible for anyone on the outside to conceive of how dysfunctional and completely corrupt the judicial system is; the Justice Department itself admits that a large of the inmates in the prison system are innocent (although DOJ disputes the generally accepted figure of 15%) and got there because of coerced plea bargaining, incompetent counsel from public defenders, or else because bone-headed American juries are too stupid to listen to facts and think about them and just plain got it wrong. 

There is no more terrifying experience on the face of this earth than facing an American jury that holds your life in their hands, and realizing that these dumbed-down idiots who can't write a correctly spelled sentence or speak a grammatically correct sentence, who cannot think coherently, and whose attention span is about three minutes on a good day, are probably going to destroy your life simply because they can, because it gives them a sense of power and control seldom available in their own wretched existence.

It has been my experience that at least one in ten federal inmates in pre-trial facilities are being wrongfully imprisoned and could be immediately released if they could just figure out what paperwork to file, but there is no one to tell them. Instead they are in prison, because they are functionally illiterate. Those who do have lawyers--and many don't--have been given ignorant public defenders, more and more of them non-White, turned out by some Moo U. legal diploma mill who have no idea what legal remedy even exists. Actually getting people out of prison is not a topic covered in law schools.

[More remarks redacted. Bill is telling the truth here, but it took me a long time to realize that just because something is true, doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. - HAC]

In my opinion the most valuable lawyers, and the only ones worth paying, are not the shysters and bullshit artists in the $2000 suits, not the ones who want to perform in court like they're Matlock, but studious technical attorneys who actually read the law, and they are rare. 

[Long, involved story redacted about how Bill wrote a brief for a retarded nigger. No, really, he wrote a brief for a retarded nigger which he says may actually get said nig-nog put back on the streets for a few weeks or months until he gets swept up again. Hell, I don't know. Maybe he was bored. - HAC]

Now, I am for euthanizing mentally retarded crackheads if they cannot be rehabilitated and made socially useful. I am not for making up crimes that never occurred to present in District Court theater. In this case the negro made the almost fatal mistake of signing a plea agreement, which of course he could not understand, at the behest of his public defender. It was also almost impossible to get the truth of what happened out of him, since like most retarded people he had the habit of lying to me, telling me what he thought I wanted to hear, a common defense mechanism among that kind of people. Only two weeks ago, after four years, did he finally receive a copy of the original criminal complaint against him, so I had something to work with.

This tactic of the phony crime in order to keep the flow of human raw material into the system coming is standard within the federal prison-industrial complex. Human bodies generate taxpayer and private sector revenue for the system and the people who operate it, so human bodies are in high demand, and it is up to the police and federal law enforcement to provide them. Mostly this tactic involves deceiving or cajoling mentally and emotionally unstable people into committing a crime, real or imagined, so that they can be arrested and their bodies tossed into the great churning maw of the system as fuel to keep the dollars flowing. 

Most "terrorism" cases are like this--a mentally ill person is surrounded by informers and coaches and talked into doing or saying something that allows him to be pulled into the system, whereupon the feds and their gang of professional informers move on to the next target. Persuading sick, retarded, and mentally ill people to commit crimes they have no real propensity for is at the heart of the American legal and judicial system. 

I live in a housing unit which without exaggeration consists of about 90% mentally ill, retarded, and drug-addicted people, who in turn are majority negro. Most of them as individuals, when sober, are non-violent and not dangerous. There is a bipolar man across the corridor from me who spends all day smoking hallucinogens and all night wandering around, staring at a blank TV screen, or loudly pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, a statement which he cannot possibly comprehend and which he only utters out of baffled anger. There are times when he genuinely does not know who he is, where he is, or how and why he got here. 

Harold, the people who run this system, who will inflict this kind of horror on any other human being of any race, are monsters. They are an entire class of people who have developed this whole elaborate process of destroying millions of human lives in order to generate obscene amounts of money for themselves. Every cold beer that some guard hoists in the tavern after work and every gourmet meal that some judge or prison administrator consumes in some upscale fern bar trying to get into his secretary's pants for adulterous sex, every new car these people buy, every mortgage payment they make on the split-levels that only the evil can afford these days, every toy they buy their kids, every mutual fund in their retirement portfolio, is bought and paid for with bits and fragments of human souls ground up fine like hamburger and marinated in the blood and urine and bodily fluids beaten out of human bodies onto tile floors with clubs.

It is a depravity of the spirit beyond all bearing. This dictatorship has to be brought down. I don't know how; it seems invincible and eternal and there never seems to be even a flicker of hope. Harold, I am so tired, so weary to the bone, of bad people winning all the time. All my life these vile evil people have been winning, always. In 1984 the O'Brien character invites Winston Smith to imagine the future as one long vision of a boot stamping on a human face; you would have to have been in the system as long as I have to fully comprehend the horror of that, because from where we sit it appears to be the truth.

Enough of this. Thanks for all your hard work, and be well, Harold.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL. 60605-1004