Friday, December 19, 2014

Thinking Of The Northwest

Greetings all,

My name is [redacted], a middle-aged Everyman and family man.  I have recently retired after gritting my teeth through 20 years in the U.S. Army.  I have been spending the past year and a half filtering the Kool-Aid out of my system and this has led to two life changing developments. First, the need to acquire more pedestrian and useful skill sets, and lastly, the awareness and acceptance of my racial identity.

I am fulfilling the former by learning new trades outside of the uniformed services, and the latter by educating myself and (as I am now) reaching out to others.  I have been a wallflower on the perimeter of racial and White Nationalist interests for some time (even during my lowest descent into the liberal, multi-cult milieu), but began reeducating myself in earnest over the past year.

The imperative currently encapsulated by the Northwest Front caught my attention rather quickly as being a very sober and practical proposal.  After reading through the web site and its recommended documents, I began working through the Northwest novels.  I am almost complete with them, and I must tip my hat to a brilliantly rendered narrative.

I was further encouraged when I mentioned the Northwest Front to my lovely wife.  Although she appeared mildly surprised by my recent awaking, she seems nonplussed overall.  This is an equally good omen as we intend to relocate to Oregon once we are complete here.

Now I have arrived at the crux my current situation and this e-mail.  I have gathered from reading the Forum that an all too large number of prospective migrants initiate contact, but cannot make the trip until some magic moment.  I am included in this frustrating category.

I will have completed training as a motorcycle technician this coming spring (2015).  Immediately following, I will begin training as a technician in the diesel/industrial field.  This will push our actual movement date to the summer of 2016.  This is too far off for my taste as I am chomping at the bit to get out of Aztlan, but after two decades as a Zio-zombie, I cannot waste that GI Bill.  It would also be nice to enter the Homeland with some highly marketable skills as well.

The silver lining in all of this is a that we do plan on a scouting trip or two before we jump on ye olde wagon.  Also, should the feces hit the fan between now and then, we could drop everything and make the trip on somewhat short notice.  That would be only if things go south fast (I am keen to get into that diesel program.)

Please let me know if I have put the cart well before the horse at this early date, but I feel a certain inner urgency to make contact.  I can be reached via email at [redacted] or if snail mail is preferred, at the following address.


Thank you for the time entertaining this rambling note.  My family and I eagerly await your response and hope that the intervening time could be put to good use networking and/or supporting the movement.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - December 18th, 2014

HAC on the NF article in Counter-Terrorism Journal, Gretchen  reviews Commander Rockwell’s This Time The World, we hear from a anadian comrade and the Trucker, Andy on Bad News Porn and HAC returns to bloviate again on cops and to apologize for being rude.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fan Mail

Mr. Covington,

Tonight I just finished reading Fire And Rain. I wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you, again, for your penning yet another story that really was enjoyable on more than a few levels.

This e-mail is not intended to give you a critique or review or any crap like that. Just wanted to say thanks for reaffirming notions I learned from my dad, and on my own, on my trek through the shithole we call life in America.

My son will benefit from your actions because you’ve helped me to remember “why.”

Why we stand up. Why we march forward. Why we argue when others placate. Why some of us will take the time to educate a shit head when it is so much easier to just walk away. And why it isn’t right to walk away at all in some cases. Not that I forgot, mind you, but a little reminder here and there can be appreciated so we stay the course.

It’s hard for me to verbalize what I try to express at times but your Northwest Front novels have helped me to be a better father and a better man. A better white man.

Sometimes we can get caught up in day to day “stuff” and lose sight of what is really important. Like forgetting some things we learned from our parents and grandparents. Direct teachings and indirect lessons alike.

Thank you again from the little white guy in the town with the big Jew name.

-Joe from Hebron, CT

Sunday, December 14, 2014

For The Record

Eric Thomson and Harold Covington, Matopos Hills, Rhodesia - 1976

I attested into the Rhodesian Army in September of 1974, as a regular soldier and not a "mercenary". If I was, I was one of the lowest-paid mercenaries in the business; I got roughly $200 Rhodesian dollars per month, after deductions. I entered with the rank of corporal due to my previous service in the United States Army. My serial number was #726818. 

I was assigned to 1 OS Company at Llewellin Barracks, Bulawayo. I spent the first part of my time there working in the Ordnance and Supply depot as a supply clerk, hardly glamorous, nor have I ever made any claims to the contrary. Later on I worked at the Ammunition Depot at Llewellin Barracks. In December and January of 1975-76 I served in 1 Air Supply Company out of New Sarum Air Force Base in Salisbury, sorting and loading and flying supplies to the UNITA group in Angola, who were supposedly "anti-Communist" as opposed to the FNLA and the MPLA.

I also did several runs up to the lesser-known "sharp end" around Wankie and Mana Pools. My combat experience, such as it is, consists largely of getting shot at.

In February of 1976 I was deported for my activities with the Rhodesia White People's Party (RWPP), along with my fellow Americans Eric Thomson and Jeff Spencer. I was told this was done on the personal orders of Ian Smith, who being a British veteran of WWII had a dim view of National Socialists, but I had no way to confirm this.

To serve that small but gallant White nation before it perished from the face of the earth, even in the limited capacity I did, was the greatest honor of my life.

-Harold A. Covington

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Good Northwest Front Magazine Article. Not Great, But Good.

Okay, this is kind of a historic moment. The Northwest Front has just received its first coverage in a serious, if not quite mainstream, publication. 

There is a lot of personal drivel in there about me in the first part of the article, the kind of crap which is untrue without being outright false, if you understand what I'm saying--you know, the kind of horse manure the media specializes in. (They very seldom outright lie, since they might get caught, but they convey untruth, if you get my drift.) 

That having been said, in fairness to Mr. Michael, I think he had to put the gibberish in there, or the article simply would never have seen the light of day. He and I both know the rules, and I have to say that once you get past the politically-required initial smoke screen of GUBU, the article is not too bad at all. Kind of an "okay, I've genuflected before the altar of liberalism and bashed and insulted my subject up to the required minimum standard so the publication won't get in trouble with the Jews, now can I get on with what I have to say?" kind of thing.
Once he lays the GUBU aside, Mr. Michael presents the Northwest Imperative as fairly and completely as we're ever going to get with this media. I found it kind of hard to read online because you can't actually access a proper text, just a screen shot of the paper page, and it's hard to navigate, but it's worth putting up with the jiggling screen and reading. I will try to get a hard copy of the magazine, clip the pages, and run off some hand-held copies for some of you guys.

The following is the link for uncensored comment on this article:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Zionists Eke Out Moldova Win

by Bill White 

For decades now, Western nations and their EU allies have shown the world what to do when you don’t like an election’s likely outcome—ban the opposition, arrest its leaders, then certify the resulting elections as “democratic.” Belgium’s banning of Flemish nationalists Vlaams Blok, Greece’s arrest of the Golden Dawn leadership, Germany’s ban on “neo-Nazis” and even America’s persecution of national dissidents all fit this mold. On December 1st, this pattern was seen again in Moldova, where the Patria of Fatherland Party, holding 13% if the vote, was banned days before the election, giving Moldova a pro-European Union Parliament.

The ban, which was officially denounced by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, was the latest anti-Russian aggression committed by Zionist internationalists in Eastern Europe. As a result of the disqualification, pro-EU parties took 45% of the vote versus 39% for pro-Russian parties. Had Patria taken 13% of the vote, the figures would have been 40% and 47% respectively.

The election tampering occurs in a volatile occurs on a volatile region which, like the Ukraine, has been territorially divided by the ethnic-Russian separatists. Shortly after its independence in 1991, the region of Transnistria broke free of Moldova. It is currently defended by Russian peacekeeping forces.

The most popular party in Moldova were the pro-Russian Socialists, who took 21.4% of the vote. Thousands of Moldovans living abroad in Russia were not permitted to vote.

Western conspiracy theories say that Russia is planning to annex all of southern Ukraine as Novorossiya, thus creating a land bridge to Transnistria. Moldova was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Portions of it were taken from Romania in World War Two.

Despite denouncing the irregularities, OSCE called the election “largely well-run” and “free and dignified,” expressing the fraud of Western democracy. The United States, EU, and other One World Zionist allies say that they want representative governments. But when nations vote against the One World agenda, or political dissidents organize within their own nations, these internationalist powers use whatever violence is necessary to rush national resistance.

In the Ukraine, Western-backed mercenaries worked with CIA-organized protest groups to launch Maidan, a “color revolution” coup which toppled a pro-Russian government and installed a gang of Jews and bankers.

Following the election, the European Union stated that it “looks forward to the formation of an inclusive and accountable government.” The new government may seek EU membership.

Russia had no official reaction to the elections.

The election came as NATO admitted it was having trouble putting together even 5,000 troops in a rapid-reaction force to defend Europe, should Russia decide to further roll back One Word gains. NATO has asked its members to contribute to the brigade, but admitted that it didn’t have sufficient equipment in place to deploy even that small number of troops. Further, several NATO allies have indicated that they either do not wish to co-operate against Russia or doubted NATO’s commitment, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

U.S, media has stirred up fears of a general Russian invasion to liberate Eastern Europe, while admitting most NATO nations lack forces to resist such an attack. Of NATO’s 28 members, 24 spend less than 2% of their GDP on defense. 16 have armies of less than 50,000 men. Six, including all three of the alleged “threatened” Baltic nations, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, have combined armed forces of less than 10,000 men each.

The disparity between US-EU-NATO military weakness and US-EU-NATO aggression is quite shocking. The Zionists have no compunction about putting civilians at risk in ill-thought-out revolutions and wars, promising military support and collective self-defense and then leaving their dupes high and dry.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - December 11th, 2014

HAC with a special message for active duty cops; Andy defends conspiracy theory; we hear from Gretchen and the Trucker.