Friday, March 27, 2015

Letter From Bill White 2-18-2015

Feb 18, 2015
Hello Harold,
You know, Harold, there's a saying. Real cops see a crime and try to figure out who's the person who committed it. The FBI sees a person and tries to figure out if they can be placed in a crime. This is because the FBI is not a renowned  crime-solving organization: they are renowned at committing crimes and putting them on innocent people.
I've enclosed an AFP article on the subject. I'm loading you and AFP up, as, soon, I expect, one of the two sets of U.S. Marshals looking for me will find me and actually serve a writ on the warden here - and not on some local jail or an immigration detention facility in Laredo, Texas, as they have.
I'm also reading John Douglas' Mindhunter. I've run across this book in many of the junk novels - murder books - that populate prison libraries. As I've remarked before, there is nothing federal prisons like to do more than provide inmates with novelist fantasies and true crime accounts of how to murder women.
Well, I was reading a book with female psychopaths in it, and, wanting to learn more about the FBI's star witness against me, I had Mindhunter sent in to me. There is a lot in it - and I would recommend to all of your readers interested in counter-intelligence and security issues vis-a-vis the Obama administration and One World that they read some of the books put out there by former federal agents. One of the best is No Angel, by a former DEA agent. And, as you know, Harold, I am always happy to tutor White activists on security issues by mail. Unfortunately, I find that most White activists are too careless, dumb, frightened, or disorganized to implement proper security. The fact is, you cannnot stop the federal government from arresting you because it is the person, not the crime, that matters. But you can prevent them from getting your data, and you can ID them and disrupt their operations so as to protect others.
Anyway, one thing I learned reading Mindhunter is is what losers FBI agents are. They must be better paid now. [Name redacted], the former Supervising Special Agent in Roanoke - former leader of the FBI's Osama bin Laden task force, now chief of police at Virginia Tech - has a very nice house in South Roanoke County. This guy [redacted] was driving around in a VW beetle and living with two roommates, also FBI agents, before meeting his (plain-looking) wife dressed up as a go-go dancer at a local bar. LOL. He also had about zero qualifications for his job as a Behavioral Profiler - making me suspect anything he taught. I mean - these are the guys who twice tried (and failed) to recruit me as an informant by sending a Jew named [redacted]  and a negro agent who called himself a "patriot" at me. LOL. I told the negro that I wasn't.  :-)  I wish I could tell you all of the pathetic approaches the ruling class made before they decided to "destroy" me. One day, maybe I will.
But my feeling is that [redacted] is about as authoritative as the guy who taught the BOP's Special Investigative Service and Counter Terrorism Unit that I'm a "sovereign citizen". As you've noted, they don't know what the words mean. They just know that the Jews have told them that all of us White guys are one of those - hence, the "patriot" recruiting jargon. :-)
Anyway, nothing else is happening. At some point, one of the teams of US Marshals looking for me will find me - these guys are "experts" at finding fugitives, you know? So a guy in custody has only taken them two weeks (so far) to find. (They reported to the Court Feb. 4th that they'd served my warden in Texas, and that I'd be in Florida Feb. 25th. I figure they'll either figure it out then, or when they produce whatever sucker they've brought by mistake in court. However, they won't figure it out until they've spent at least a day telling the guy that he's me and "they know". LOL.) And, at some point, someone will call my last AWOL lawyer and tell me about it. Some day this will happen - just not today.
Until then, I'm loading you up with material. Thank you for all that you do.
                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                           Bill

William A. White #201500002555
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Extra-Judicial Execution Now "Delegated" To Cabinet Level

The dictator has now “delegated” his authority to order the extra-judicial execution of anyone, including American citizens, to the Secretary of State, presumably for those murders where Barry doesn’t want to get his hands wet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - March 26th, 2015

HAC talks about the Matt Hale and Asheville 6 cases, Gretchen reviews Carleton Putnam's Race And Reason, and Stefan and Annie talk about building a Northwest economy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

"White People Are Domesticated Animals"

[Another letter from Bill wandered in, after a month. This was just before he departed from the Loretto concentration camp on his latest round of "diesel therapy."- HAC]

Feb 17th, 2015

Hello Harold,
Well, I wrote to you earlier today, and then I received notice that the Keystone Kops are at it again in Florida. At some point, I’ll be headed there - but don’t ask me when. The U.S. Marshals filed a notice with the court saying that they’d have me there from Texas on Feb. 25th. Trouble is, I’m not in Texas. And, while the United States has convicted me of being in two places at once, I think they’re going to have trouble putting that into practice.
Of course, I’m supposed to be in Chicago. Apparently, my attorney there tried to contact me in Florida, and has been looking for me to serve a writ. So I could go either place. I asked someone to call the Chicago attorney to update them, but that person developed phone-phobia and got “too busy”, so I’ve been sitting around in lock-down as a result. People love to say they “care” about you, but, they demonstrate it through their actions.
Now, should I go to Florida, I probably won’t get to Chicago until sometime between June and September. My life of appeals will probably be extended as well, from 2-3 more years in court to 3-4 or more. But no one had 15 minutes to make a phone call, and the average person’s calculus is that 15 minutes of their time is worth an infinite amount of mine.
On the upside, I’m now down to one AWOL attorney. Because no one close to me will take 15 minutes to call them, I’m now working on hiring an assistant whose job will be to call my attorney. Gotta love it, right? People figure that attorneys just call their clients on their own. No. Hire one and see.
Oh - and I can’t call my own attorneys because the BOP won’t let me. I can write them - in a letter that will arrive when the BOP feels like it - if they approve my attorney as being, well, mine.
Anyway, right now I’m going nowhere. But, with so much demand for me, I figure that I’ll be leaving about March 3.
I don’t usually write down letters, but, boy, the stress headache I got is about all that’s keeping me from getting quite down. Nothing the feds do gets me down. I know what they are, and they can’t harm me. What gets  me down is to see people on my own side who are so dysfunctional or become so filled with hopelessness, fear, and despair that they become unable to do simple things to help themselves and others.
I know that I’m strange, Harold. I don’t experience fear the way that other people do. I do experience it. I have terrible nightmares at times. Sometimes I have waking “night terrors”. Like, two nights ago, I dreamed that I woke up from a dream to find myself in what was once my bed at home, but the dictatorship was coming to murder/arrest me. I knew that I had to get out fast, but I couldn’t move. I then struggled myself, to my surprise, awake, and it took me 5-10 minutes to realize that I was in prison - which meant that the dictator's servants were not after me (causing me to relax). 

I took a while because I was sleeping bundled from the cold with a blindfold on (to sleep better), and I stayed frozen when I woke in case someone was in the room with me. And sometimes I dream of Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Death - what I can only describe as a carnival of torture and murder. But confront me when I’m awake, and - I don’t run away. I figure out what’s right, or what’s in my interest, and I do it - and to hell with my losses. I would lose everything in this illusion before I knowingly did something wrong.
But when I see the average person, who is scared of their own shadow, I pity them. I’d give examples, but I’m not here to shame people. All I can say is that people’s fear of mild physical or psychic discomfort has caused me a lot of real physical, and before I wised up, psychic, pain. All of us are in the situation we’re in because the masses of White people are domesticated animals, and the few who aren’t, are mostly so caught up in illusion that they can’t see anything real anymore.
Anyway, Harold, I’m hoping that this week brings some improvement.
Thank you for not being a coward.

* * *

Bill may be contacted at

William A. White #201500002555
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard 
Sanford, FL 32773

I have received one letter from Bill since he arrived back there, which was clearly written in a kind of code because of the intensive and minute surveillance of everything he does by his captors. (What on earth do they hope to find about him that they don't already know? They have to understand by now that he is in no way dangerous or a "threat to the order" of any institution he is in, so why the constant 24-hour lockstep? I swear to God, this obsession they have with controlling his body and his every action seems almost sexual at times...)

Anyway, reading between the lines, he is being foully mistreated again in the Seminole County Jail, which was presumably the idea behind bringing him back to Florida. I have no idea whether or not he is allowed to receive any mail at all and no one I know has heard from him either by mail or by phone other than that one letter I received. Nonetheless, it is vitally important that we try to let him know he is not alone and not forgotten, which is one of the main psychological weapons the dictatorship uses to break its victims. The White Nationalist movement has a horrific habit of just cutting our heroes loose once the prison bars slam shut. I am determined that this will not happen in Bill's case. 

He is probably going to be murdered like Edgar Steele, but until our people can recover their courage and change the world (as we could do tomorrow, if we had the balls), I will do what I can, and you should, too. Write to him. Yes, it will put you on the dictator's shit list. Screw Barack Hussein Obama and his pale-skinned slaves. Do right and fear no one. Write to Bill White.

Bill's "restitution hearing" wherein he will be ordered to pay some deranged sum of non-existent money to a big, bad, tough FBI agent for frightening said big bad-ass FBI agent with Facebook posts (which Bill didn't actually make, on an account that wasn't Bill's but apparently some kind of government hoax site) is scheduled to take place today. Then Bill will most likely be kept in the Orlando 1984 torture cell--"the place where there is no darkness," as Orwell described it--indefinitely, as he says here, until sometime this summer, when what's left of him will be dragged to Chicago.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jewish Women (Updated)

[Every couple of years I re-post this. I had a request for it last night, and I searched this site for a copy, and I was astounded to find the first post, almost ten years ago. Jeez. Time flies when you're having fun!

I will begin with the original post from November 14th, 2005, and add some comments by way of update. - HAC]

* * *

A friend and I were nattering on line about Jews in Hollywood, and he mentioned that the Jewess Lauren Bacall was actually quite a fox in her Casablanca days, but in later life she was a genuinely horrible-looking old yenta. This set off my standard rave about Jewish women as evidenced by their Hollywood exemplars, and it strikes me I haven't ever blogged that one.

Fact is, Jewish women really just aren't that sexually attractive as a whole, and this probably has something to do with the general neurosis that appears both among them and Jewish men. You'll notice that in great "classics" of Joosh literchur like Portnoy's Complaint, as well as in real life, it's always the Gentile woman that Sammy Glick and Portnoy and his counterparts lust after. JAPs have a very grim reputation along that line as ugly, greedy, arrogant, self-absorbed, crazy as loons, and sexually frigid.

Okay, I'll grant you, some Jewesses are pretty cute when they're in their teens, especially the Hollywood variety who have the benefit of the most skilled makeup artists, trainers, plastic surgeons, and cosmetologists in the world. But when they hit about age 21 they start to get porky, misproportioned, saggy-titted and camel-faced really quick.

Good example #1, Alicia Silverstone. I think her face must have been plastic-surgeried as to the nose, since that's still pretty pert, but I'll swear she's already had her first face lift and it still hasn't completely done in the jowls and chubby cheeks. Despite liposucting a whole barrel of lard off her thighs and gut, she's still thick in the middle. In that Aerosmith video she did at age 15 she was an incredible edible, but even by the time of Clueless she was starting to get noticeably heavy hips. No wonder her career is in the toilet, given Hollywood's obsession with thinness. Supposedly she won't do nude scenes as a matter of principle. Well, maybe. But more likely, she can't find anyone who's interested. Producers don't want their male audiences yelling "Put it back on! Put it all back on!"

I hear Alicia, as well as some others I won't name, are on something unofficially called the "Buchenwald Diet" (invented by a Jew doctor, of course) of 900 calories a day. Jesus, imagine being a millionaire many times over and having to live on a Buchenwald diet? Even movie stars have their crosses to bear, it would seem.

Good example #2: Mila Kunis. Ukrainian Jew, born in Kiev in 1983. I will grant you that on her first couple of seasons of That 70s Show (she more or less stole the part by lying about her age; she was 14 when she tried out) she was cute as a cut-button in a black-haired gypsy kind of way.

It didn't last. I saw her last night doing an interview about Family Guy (she does the voice of Meg.) Either she did it without makeup, or else someone on the set really screwed up, because she looked like a hag. She's 22 now and her face is really going Golda Meir, lips thickening, first crow's feet appearing, cheeks starting to sag, hair lank and rough-looking, and her skin is really dark--you can tell she's got a lot of Tatar in her. She's small-boned and short enough so she won't have the blowsy, tit-sagging Jewess look as she gets older, but the small hard brown Jewess look, if you get my drift, the one that reminds you that Jews are an Asiatic people.

[2015 note: even with makeup on now, she's swarthy and kind of nondescript, really. Her features have gone thick, if you get my drift. She looks like a Mexican hooker, and I repeat, that's with the makeup. Without it she looks like a shapeless homeless woman.]

Final example, lest this turn into a Hollywood gossip column: Natalie Portman. Israeli. At age 13 in The Professional she was a charming, impish little waif. She's 24 now. I caught her in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith flick a week or so ago, and she's headed straight for Yenta City. Face rounding, cheeks and lips swelling, nose flaring, typical Jewish camel-face heading her way like an oncoming train. She better start making appointments with some of those Beverly Hills plastic surgeons pretty soon or she won't be able to get any parts besides Yiddishe mamas.

[2015: And no, before you ask, I didn't see Black Swan. Why on earth would I want to watch a couple of Jewish dykes munching one another's carpet?]

Speaking of which, you want to see the result of a Jewess trying to stay White-looking and marketable thereby? Jane Seymour, nee Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She damned sure ain't no Bond Girl no more. She's had so much facial surgery and strategic botox the skin is stretched across her cheeks and the side of her skull tight as a drum, to where it looks about to split and her nose looks almost like it will start to melt like a candle, like Michael Jackson's. She finally "agreed" to do a topless scene in The Wedding Crashers and supposedly had to have a support system surgically installed to get her sagging Yiddishe rack up off her waistline.

Hmm...maybe I could make it as a Hollywood gossip columnist...

Seriously, though, in the sheer beauty department, none of these JAPs can hold a candle to a Jennifer Aniston, a Meg Ryan, a Drew Barrymore or even Lindsay Lohan. [Uh, this was 2005, remember? Granted, Lindsay's got a lot of miles of bad road on her now.]  

Okay, granted, morality-wise, Hollywood corrupts the whole lot of them, and I'm certainly not claiming your average Gentile actress is someone you'd want to bring home to mother. But look at your big Jew producers and directors and studio heads--and who they choose to marry for their trophy wives when they can afford it, as they can. Maybe Jewish men know something about Jewish women we don't.

[2015: Okay, first off, I'm going to say something here which may sound like I'm BS-ing, since it's male chauvinist blasphemy and nobody will believe me when I say it, but the fact is, I never considered Scarlett Johannson all that beautiful or sexy, even before I knew she was a Tribeswoman. Yes, really. I didn't know why, but there was always something a little off-kilter about her. Well, the fact that she can't act her way out of a paper bag, but that's nothing new in Hollywood. Anyway, now I know why.

Secondly, I will say that Amanda Bynes was quite cute and perky in her early movies, and she was also funny, which is a talent I have always conceded that Jews have when they choose to exercise it. But she has deteriorated in another typically Jewish way. It has been recognized for a long time in the psychiatric profession that schizophrenia is the "Jewish disease", and this from a field that is almost completely Jewish, which to my mind clinches it, when even other Jews admit they have a problem. (No, I'm not making that up. They have various abstruse explanations for it having to due with Jews' allegedly higher order of nervous system and more complex smarter brains, etc.)

Actually I feel kind of sorry for Amanda. The Germans have a folk saying: "The worst way to die is head first."] 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bosie Is Cross With Me

[Okay, I know, this is GUBU and Space Madness and exactly what I am NOT supposed to be indulging myself in here, but I'm sorry, sometimes the urge to return to adolescence is just overwhelming, too good to miss.
I recently referred to Movement Modernization on Radio Free Northwest. For those of you who don't get the Bosie reference, which will be 98% of you, I refer you to my Gay History Series segment entitled "Buggering Bosie." This e-mail exchange has been reversed so it will make sense. - HAC]

From: Christopher Robin

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 7:51 PM
To: Northwest Net
Subject: RE: Bosie Is Cross With You

74 year old arse bandit Martin Webster claims that you are lying about having visited England, that you are a "notorious forger" who stole other people's writings and tried to masquerade as Ernst Zundel at a cocktail party in 1990, that "no one has ever heard" of you, that you're "most likely an agent provocateur" and that you're an "American". LOL.

P.S. See attached Martin's latest bit of juicy prospective crumpet whom he was seen attempting to accost at the last London Forum meeting, (which I was personally banned from attending by organizer Jez Turner for being rude to queers, people who act queer and at least one con artist.)

Yes that is a BNP sign he's holding up however, the young man in question [name redacted] was recently expelled from the tiny party after failing a 2 year "probationary period" - that all new members have to go through now - for, "stirring up trouble" ie becoming too popular...

Oh btw, in addition to the 2 year probationary period you also have to sign a declaration denouncing Nazism and fascism, otherwise you can't join the 500-member strong universally maligned and blacklisted multiracial party of no seats anywhere, which calls for the "voluntary repatriation" of the UK's soon to be majority Third World population.

* * *

To: Christopher Robin
Subject: RE: Bosie Is Cross With You
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:57:47 -0700

Why is Bosie attacking me now? What set him off?

* * *

From: Christopher Robin
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 8:24 AM
To: Northwest Net
Subject: Bosie Is Cross With You

My association with you. Simply that. I think he believes that you're somehow responsible for me rejecting his homosexual advances back in 2011, simply because his sexual proclivities were first brought to my attention by you in an RFN podcast just immediately prior to my meeting him in a bed & breakfast tavern for a drink. (A meeting that for obvious reasons then never transpired.)

I know he blames you because when I confronted him about it he sent me a three page polemic denouncing you as a "forger" and a "corrupter of youth" and then threaten to have me arrested for harassment.

Recently I was expelled from the London Forum (his usual watering hole), simply because I mocked and derided both him and a young blond man who he has spent copious amounts time bicycling around the English countryside with in a pink & yellow Hi-Vis cycling jacket and short shorts.

He was heard ranting and raving at last week's meeting, declaring that you and I were "partners in crime" and "working together" to "belittle and undermine fine young men" and "the movement" in general.

Then he tried to seduce former BNP youth activist [redacted].

* * *

Personal note from HAC: To be accused by Martin Webster, of all people on earth, of being a "corrupter of youth" is not only screamingly funny in its irony, it is quite an honor. 

In the words of the immortal Oscar Wilde from his magnum opus, De Profundis

"Bosie, you bitch!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - March 19th, 2015

Our St. Patrick's Day music special. HAC talks about dealing with the secret police, Gretchen reviews a book on women in the Third Reich, the Trucker raps on truckin', and we get another installment of Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?