Saturday, April 29, 2017

Not Germany, But Ireland

Rather than go into a long spritz deconstructing today's events in Pikeville, Kentucky (the old McCoy country) I'll use one of my canned answers.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - April 27th 2017 

This week’s episode is kind of an experiment, part of a special project. It consists of me just talking for two hours, no music. At least all you stone HAC votaries out there will get your full Harold ration this week. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's Still Happening

[No, I am not making this up. Apart from the few redactions noted, this is exactly how this e-mail arrived. So degraded have we become that I have to question, at least a little, whether there is an American 17-year-old who is even capable of writing like this any more. I dunno, though--I've gotten enough of these down through the years to spot the ring of truth, and this one rings true to me . -HAC]

Hello Mr. Covington,

My name is [redacted] and I am interested in becoming involved with the Northwest Front. I have read a few of your novels and liked them immensely. It impresses me that you have a coherent and logical plan to ensure our existence as a people and are doing more than just talking about it or make large profits to retire on. I think I should start off this introduction with a little about myself.

I am 17 years old and currently live in West Virginia about 10 minutes outside a small town named [redacted] in [redacted] county. If you asked me how I got into this way of thinking I'd find it hard to explain. Because I was born in a very rural part of West Virginia, we were spared from any major diversity of any sort. Of my high school of 400-some kids, we only have three non-whites, all of which were adopted into white families.

One day when I was fooling around on the internet I stumbled on a .pdf file of a book written by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. The title was White Power. I have no idea what compelled me actually to read it. Maybe it was pure teenaged rebelliousness. But once I started I couldn't stop, and that book shook every fiber in my body and sparked a conviction in me I couldn't forget or ignore. I pored over every book and article on the subject I could find. I went to dozens of websites looking for direction. I read This Time the World, For My Legionaries, and then your Northwest Quartet.

Then one day I walked into my school library, with a purpose for once. I searched those shelves for ten minutes till I found what I was looking for. In the most obscure corner of the room I pulled off the shelf a dusty Mein Kampf that was last checked out in the 70s.

I immediately "liberated" it and put into my backpack and walked out. It took me a month to read it and then I sat down and really thought about what the Führer was saying. I knew from that moment onward that if I did nothing to further these goals I wouldn't be able to live with myself. When I was thoroughly finished with it I later returned it. I have found my purpose in life sir, and I am asking for guidance.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adolf Hitler (1889 - )

He was born into humble circumstances, the son of an obscure civil servant in a remote corner of a crumbling empire, yet his name resounds throughout the world to this day. He was rejected by the universities of his time for formal enrollment in art and in architecture, and yet he erected mighty buildings and monuments, and today a simple postcard that he drew in ink or charcoal fetches staggering sums at auction.

He never achieved more than a public school education, yet he wrote a book which has outsold every other book in history except for the Bible. He fought as a front line soldier through all four years of the greatest war in history up to that time, never rising above the rank of corporal, but he won both of his country's highest decorations for bravery under fire and rose to command the mightiest armies on earth.

Almost unique in the history of his century, he was not a lawyer or an aristocrat or a man of inherited wealth and privilege, but a man who once earned his daily bread with the labor of his hands, and yet he conquered politics and rose to the leadership of the most brilliant and creative nation on earth.

So that his people might travel across the land he loved quickly and cheaply, he created a simple and sturdy automobile still in use today, and a network of highways that still spans Germany. His game and forestry laws are still in force, and are praised by ecologists as a model of environmental protection. His economic program received the sincerest form of flattery from the loathsome Roosevelt, who stole it and copied it into the context of the American Depression as his own.

Every man who ever met him personally, even those who became his bitterest enemies, spoke of him forever afterwards with awe and admiration. His courtesy and his gallantry toward women were legendary. With his power and his prestige he could have had any woman he wanted, but the woman he chose as his life's partner, and who eventually died by his side, was a simple and humble daughter of the people.

He did not drink. He did not smoke. He was a lifelong lover of animals and children and was happiest in the company of toddlers rather than statesmen and soldiers, and no one ever overheard him use a profane word or tell a smutty joke. He lifted his people up from the mud of defeat and despair and alien domination, and he died trying to do the same for all of us.

To this day, his memory is kept green by the Aryan peoples of Germany and the world, even though it means prison, and in some countries death, to honor him or his legacy within the sight or hearing of the tyrant. He has been slandered, vilified, lied about, cursed, distorted, and damned every day since his death by the most powerful and evil tyranny mankind has ever known, and yet his name and his Symbol cannot be suppressed by force or by propaganda. As we begin this new Millennium, his book is read and his name is on more lips than ever before and his image and his strength fills the hearts of a whole new generation of young Aryan men and women. He is invincible and immortal, and Victory shall one day be his.

He holds out his hand to us all. He offers us his strength and his wisdom, at a time when we so badly need both. Let us keep him always in our hearts and our minds and our souls, until the day comes when once more we may speak his name aloud and raise on high the sacred Banner for which he and so many millions more lived and died.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - April 20th, 2017 

128th Führertag. Gretchen talks about the Swastika, HAC raps on the Holocaust myth.

Monday, April 17, 2017

My Epitaph

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil, I have selected my epitaph:

"Here lies Harold Covington. He spent his whole life trying to drive a nail with a marshmallow."

Sunday, April 16, 2017

RFN Bonus Podcast: Andy Donner On Theorycraft 

In a special shortcast, Andy Donner whups up on Dutch Uncles and tells White Nationalists to pull their socks up.