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Radio Free Northwest - May 28th, 2015

HAC offers another episode of the ever-popular “Who Guards The Guardians?” and talks some more about migration locales, and we hear from some overseas comrades.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Better Explanation For Baltimore

New York Times Stumbles Onto the Truth About Baltimore

by Jared Taylor
American Renaissance - April 29, 2015

An article from yesterday’s New York Times about the relative calm in Baltimore stumbled by accident onto something like the real reason why blacks were rioting. 

Near the famous burned-out CVS the city had begged the company to ‘invest’ in a dodgy neighborhood the Times reporter found someone it identified as Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore. The article concludes with Mr. Wilson’s explanation of why blacks rioted. He said nothing about Freddie Gray or police brutality. (Negroes do not really care if cops waste a thug in their ‘hood because there are plenty more) Instead, he said this:

"We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us? We’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers," (fathers? Is he joking?) "and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down."

This quote almost perfectly captures the black mentality that leads to rioting. Blacks live in neighborhoods that they themselves have wrecked, and then ask, “This is all that is given to us?”

Hard-working people built the “broken-down” buildings Mr. Wilson is  complaining about. Many had parquet floors, high ceilings, and fine moldings found today only in the most expensive new construction.

After the black riots in Baltimore in 1968, Whites panicked and sold their property at desperation prices. Now, these houses are “broken down” because blacks didn’t maintain them. This pattern of White flight and “broken down” houses was repeated in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Washington, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and countless other American cities. Some of the best city housing in the world was handed over to blacks who wrecked it. Neighborhoods filled with irreplaceable architecture are now wastelands.

Mr. Wilson complains that “we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.” The remedy for crumbling houses is for the people who live in them to fix them, but instead, Mr. Wilson asks, “Is this all that is given to us?”  (No doubt the Jewish landlords have grown tired of making repairs, only to have structures damaged again before the paint is dry.)

Like so many blacks, Mr. Wilson doesn’t realize how perverse it is even to think in terms of pleasant houses and neighborhoods being “given” to anyone. Does he imagine the White authorities “giving” nice  neighborhoods to Whites and cruelly handing out slums to blacks? They didn’t start out as slums. Whites saved and worked hard to build those neighborhoods. They maintained them, repaired them, and loved them. They did not become slums until blacks moved in.

But in today’s world of welfare, food stamps, government housing, and White guilt, Mr. Wilson doesn’t know any better than to ask for handouts. Jesse Jackson is just as self-absorbed. At the funeral for Freddie Gray he wanted to know, “Why can’t the [black] West Side get the same things downtown gets?” Jesse Jackson is asking the same question: “Is this all that is given to us?”

And who, exactly, is not giving enough? Baltimore elected its first black mayor in 1987. Today, the mayor, the police chief, the fire chief, and half the police force are black. Two thirds of the population and most of the city council are black. But when Mr. Wilson and Jesse Jackson complain about stinginess, they are not blaming Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake; they are blaming White people.

Mr. Wilson says Baltimore’s blacks rioted because they are “angry at the surroundings.” Blacks make their surroundings ugly and miserable, and then make them even more ugly and miserable by burning them down. And then they  ask, “Is this all that is given us?”

Mr. Wilson has more complaints: “They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers.” Mayor Rawlings-Blake cut funding for 20 of 55 city-run community centers in 2013, but private foundations and neighborhood organizations kept most of them going. Rioters burned one down on Monday.

And fathers? In 1983, Baltimore had the highest black illegitimacy rate in the country: 76 percent, at a time when the national rate for blacks was about 55 percent. Now that the national black rate is 72 percent, what is the figure likely to be for Baltimore? Ninety percent? Ninety-five percent? Whoever “they” are didn’t have to work very hard to “take away our fathers.” Black fathers were never there to begin with.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Wilson thinks blacks haven’t been “given” what they deserve, and that “they” took away his father. He’s a college student, probably on scholarship, and that’s what blacks are taught from grade school.

The New York Times invariably blames “racism” and White privilege for the plight of blacks. It assumes that if only Whites could curb their bigotry, blacks would bloom and flourish. It is remarkable that it concluded this article with a quotation that so brutally undercuts its own assumptions. People who think “they” have taken away their fathers, who blame others for their “broken down buildings,” who look at misery of their own making and ask “Is this all that is given to us?”--such people will not bloom and flourish no matter what White people do. Nor do they deserve to.

Anti-Christian Violence In Palestine


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jews Use Negress To Help Dismantle Islam

by Bill White

[Note from HAC: Yes, yes, I know. Islam is supposed to be a forbidden subject for White Nationalists of any stripe to speak or write about, unofficially because Muslims are non-Whites and wogs, (although in fact not all of them are.)  Also, of course, as a common-sense security precaution because the slightest whisper of any conjunction between "Islamic terrorism" (usually Apu from down at the Quickie Mart who was framed in an FBI sting with a fake suicide bomb vest) and "domestic terrorism" (any views held by White American males even slightly to the right of center) generally sends the multifarious alphabet soup secret police agencies into a screaming tizzy, and gets them to drawing their stupid little mafia-like "organizational charts" that end up getting shown to dumb-ass juries with nothing but pork fat between their ears, and destroying human lives.

But in Bill's case it doesn't make much difference. What are they going to do? Put him in jail? 

I think in a weird way, a kind of inverse ratio process is at work here: the less free one's body is to enjoy the material pleasures of this decayed society, the more free the mind. If these shit-for-brains really wanted Bill to stop writing and saying the things that make them so uncomfortable, they'd let him go on some kind of strict probation that would allow them to drag him back into prison at the drop of a hat if he uttered or scribbled a single syllable some government bureaucrat didn't like, and then just hold that threat over him. I can think of many men I knew who were strong as steel while inside, but once out the threat of going back turned their knees to water and their spines to jelly and they caved to whatever the regime demanded, usually their silence.

Hint? Hint? I for one would be willing to lose his brilliant writing and insight into the human condition in exchange for you primates letting him go and finding someone else to torment like a nasty little fat kid burning insects with a magnifiying glass. Can I getta amen? Anyway, here's Bill.]

* * * 

World Jewry and the One World movement championed by Zionism are pushing a new book by notorious apostate and shiksa, the negress Ayaan Hirsi. Her book is called Heretic, in which the Somali-born anti-Islam activist demands the dismantling of Islam as a religion. In doing so, though Ali and her Hebrew backers have let a secret ship their plan to dismantle Islam is the same one they used to dismantle Christianity in the Western World.

Ali makes no secret of her Jewish controllers. “My journey has gone from Mecca to Manhattan,” she writes in Heretic. And, she makes no secret of her desires to end Islam as a religion by making it a docile and materialist philosophy, like Judaeo-Christianity.

Because their faiths went through a long meaningful process of Reformation and Enlightenment, the vast majority of Jews and Christians have come to dismiss religious scripture, Ali writes. She then lays out a five point program of how the Islamic faith is to be neutered to become more Western Judaeo-Christian.

1) Like Jesus in the West, “Mohammed should not be seen as infallible, let alone as a source of divine writ. He should be seen as a historical figure.” With this the Koran, like the Bible, is to be stripped of all claims to divine inspiration. “Although Islam maintains that the Quran is the literal word of Allah, it is in historical reality a book that was shaped by humans hands.”

2) All promise of heaven is to be denied, “Muslims must assign a greater value to the reward of this life than to those promised in the hereafter.”

3) The law of God is to be rejected. “Muslims should learn to put the dynamic evolving laws made by human beings above Sharia.”

4) The individual duty to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no right of individual Muslims to enforce Islamic law.”

5) The collective right to perform God’s will is to be abrogated. “There will be no imperative to wage jihad.”

Of course, once this is done Islam will cease to be a religion, as Muslims will no longer believe in anything but the adoration of the crafted, material world. Or rather, Islam will continue as a branch of another religion, of the Satanism and Luciferianism that informed the Judaeo-occult, Masonic, Zionist and Communist world view which conquered the White world and are now wagging genocide against White people. These religions call for a One World master state under which all but a handful of occult masters are enslaved.

Ali is simply the latest puppet put forward by the Jewish world conspiracy as it desperately tries to expand its influence beyond the conquered Anglo-American countries and Western Europe. Because usury, the essence of the One World system, cannot sustain a stable economic system. One World expansion has been checked for the past decade by both nationalist powers, like Russia and China, and the competing One World movement of the Islamic State and Caliphate. Recently, since the Islamic State has began executing Jewish Communists and collaborators as in the Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks, pressure to wage war on Islam itself has increased.

Ali’s problem is that her book is a little too explicit. Many of the strongest opponents of Islam in the Western world are religious Judæo-Christians who believe that the Zionist Entity in Palestine fulfills religious prophecy. While the false Israel is the prophesied army of Gog and Magog, it is not the prophesied true Israel. But, these religious Judæo-Christians just might be perceptive enough to see in Ali’s writing the blueprint of the death cult which has conquered and perverts their faith.

On the good side, Ali’s book is likely to have almost no impact in the Islamic world itself. While essential secularists control Egypt and Tunisia and some other African countries, and the One World movement keeps religious-seeming puppets in nations like Saudi Arabia, almost every secularist government in the Arab and South Asian world has been overthrown in recent years--ironically, often with Zionist assistance. The destruction of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in particular have allowed Salafi Islamic movements--fundamentalist movements which seek to emulate the Salfs, or, companions of Mohammed--to flourish in every Arab nation. Their main regional opponent is Iran, which champions a nationalistic Shi’a variant of Islam, and which now dominates Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Thus rather than conversion to One World, the question Islam faces is whether it will be internationalist or nationalist in its orientation.

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Multifarious Nigga Graphics

People are constantly loading me up with this stuff. Usually I file it away and save it, but let's see what we can come up with for a little exhibition of Affikin-Amurkin Art, muthafukkas.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oops! I Called It Wrong

[Okay, I admit it...looks like I called this one wrong. Apparently Bill actually LIKES it where he is now. I was probably remembering Marion from the 1970s when Bob Miles was there--I have since learned that Marion FCC is no longer the designated super-max it once was, although if memory serves that's where they locked up John Gotti until his death. - HAC]

May 5, 2015

Hello Harold:

Well, things continue on here at UPS Marion CMU. My first piece of mail arrived today. After five days of "vetting," the BOPs Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU, geddit?--they apparently think they're Jack Bauer. - HAC) got to use the brain cell for the day and determined that the clerks of various United States District courts are not terrorists. So, they've almost approved me to write to them and update my address. I'm also told that I'll be on email soon. I'll believe it when I see it.

This unit is really not bad. It is virtually impossible to catch a shot (a disciplinary action) here. None of the normal rules of a prison apply. There are no metal detectors, no pat-down searches, no shakedowns. The COs here do not hassle people. Movement is open. It's nice. And the inmates here are disproportionately intelligent and interesting. In one day, I can discuss politics, philosophy and religion with a Salafi Imam, a Persian Shi'a, a Russian national-communist, the President of the United States (he tells me that Obama is an imposter) and a smorgasbord of characters. I feel like when I was in college and I used to go to different meetings to see what different groups were about--except then, they were all Communists. LOL. And, that's another bonus  - no Judaeos, and no loud nigro children-gangstas.

Oh--and I thought up a solution to the sovereign citizen problem. This unit is now opening and reading everyone's legal mail--which is unlawful, and about which nothing will be done at all--because sovereigns keep mailing bogus liens and lien releases and UCC forms to the courts, and because others send threats and other idiocy. I would actually file on this out of principle, but they'll move and moot me before I can get anywhere with it. So, instead, I thought of how to end sovereign idiocy so this won't be needed anymore:

Okay, start a sovereign rumor that, because Barack Obama is a Muslim, the US has been secretly placed under Sharia law. Then require the sovereigns to file their UCC forms in the courts of the Islamic State. You can probably tie in the Iraqi dinar  (which will soon be totally worthless, as Iraq is going to end up dissolved and partitioned) in as well. Voila- the U.S. courts stop getting stupid papers, the Islamic State gets their court system clogged, and the U.S. Attorney can now charge all the sovereigns with material aid to terrorism.

Actually, I have to say this--I have a lot of sympathy for sovereigns. There are two kinds: the ones who seriously believe their nonsense, and then dudes in prison who know that it's a scam and who just don't care.

The former tend to be very good people. Their motives are good. They want a government that is honest and which represents them and their national/ethno-cultural organism. They recognize that the United States is a sick country. They are correct in opposing the elite and the banking system. They are correct in wanting their rights.

But they are profoundly wrong in believing that going into court and chanting some magic words at a judge can fix things. Courts are areas of violence. Law is violence. Courts are the forums where the application of violence is decided on. And courts act in accordance with the wishes of superior power in our country, the Sanhedrin of the Supreme Court and the One World Zionist complex which controls our society. If the elite don't want  it, the court won't do it, the law be damned.

Really, Harold, what I dislike is how people escape into these fantasies to avoid facing the harshness of reality, and the hard work needed to change it. Evil is pervasive in the United States, dishonesty is the norm of government, economic exploitation is the rule. The decadence of the culture destroys people.

And, as much as we all want happy and peaceful lives, the fact of this evil mandates that we sacrifice our ease in opposition to it--a struggle that may not pay off for us personally or collectively. But so many people want easy outs. They want to hold views that aren't stigmatized ("you racist!"), they want to believe that, at some level, the government institutions of society can be trusted, they want  easy solutions--magic wands, suicidal acts. Oswald Mosley noted that it is easy to sacrifice in the instant, but it is hard to live one's life in sacrifice to one's people.

It  is your recognition, Harold, of these simple facts of life that won me over to your point of view. I often wish that you would guard your public speech more. The Constitution is gone and the force of law no longer protects it, and you lack a law of your own. But at least you don't offer hocus-pocus - no matter how sincere that hocus-pocus maybe.

I hope that all is well with you. I'm doing okay. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959-1000 


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Radio Free Northwest - May 21st, 2015

HAC and Andy rap on PSAs (Primary Settlement Areas) and migration in general. Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s book on the AWB in South Africa and we hear from an Arizona comrade.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

In Memoriam: Robert C. Lowery (1945 - 2015)

One of the relentless signs of advancing age is when your slightly older friends start dying before you. I recently learned of the death in Anson County, North Carolina of a friend of 40 years, one of the best comrades and finest men it has ever been my privilege to know, Bob Lowery. He was 69 years old, and he died in the farmhouse where he was born, which has been in his family for over a hundred years. That's another one of the old ways we won't see too much more of.

He died in February, and nobody thought to inform me, which for us is pretty typical. None of us reaching what may laughably be called our "golden years" can ever remember to make some arrangement for someone to inform all the old gang when you kick it. The family views the old fool's nasty racist friends with distaste and refuses to acknowledge our existence. Or sometimes it's pure personal malice. It took me almost four years to learn that my father was dead, and two years to find out my wife had died in Ireland; my family deliberately withheld the information and took active steps to prevent me from finding out.

I always envied Bob that. His parents back on the farm considered his racial views an eccentricity, to be sure, but certainly nothing to disinherit their own son and cast him into outer darkness forever over. Bob lived most of his adult working life in Raleigh, and very rare for us, he actually had the privilege of going home on weekends to visit his folks, nor was I myself a forbidden subject at the dinner table, even during my notorious years. Bob's father even left me a pair of cowboy boots when he died.

Back In The Day in North Carolina, during the hurly-burly of my misspent and uproarious youth, I would see or speak with Bob at least once a day. When he died we hadn't even spoken on the phone for two years or more. That's how it goes with us codgers, When his e-mail started bouncing I got curious and figured I better check on him. A true 21st century death.

Bob was what the lefty-libs would call a "Jimmy Higgins," one of those simple and forthright men and women who understand instinctively what is right and what is required of them by God or destiny or however they view things, and they simply do it as a matter of course. For their entire lives.

Whenever I needed something, as simple as a ride someplace or as complex as setting up a meeting with a reporter on the QT or an introduction to an old rite-wing personality I wanted to meet, whenever I was literally starving (at one point in 1977 I had exactly seven cents in the world and the rent was due) ... anyway, Bob was there. Just there, the one man I knew I could rely on absolutely. No matter how crappy everything else was going, I always had Bob.

When a frightened Whiteboy called from the local high school, afraid to go home because the niggers were waiting for him in the parking lot and he had to be picked up, when no one else on earth including his own parents would help him for physical fear of the black beasts themselves and for psychological terror of being called racists, it was Bob I called to stick his gun in his pocket and go with me. (The guns weren't needed and we got the boy out okay.) 

Whenever I needed a place to crash for a few weeks or months--and there were such times--Bob was there. They say that "home is where you can go and they can't throw you out." I haven't had one of those since I was 17, but for many years I had Bob Lowery. On at least two occasions, the man kept me out from under that highway overpass I've spent most of my life trying to avoid. 

I honestly can't begin to convey in the space available how vitally important his presence and participation was in those days. Believe it or not, during that five-year period we did accomplish some things before the whole business foundered on the rocks of our perpetual Character Issue. Bob was my enabler, in the best sense of the word.

Like so many of us, Bob Lowery started out with the Young Republicans at college (N.C. State University) and moved rightward to the John Birch Society in the 1960s, and his descriptions of Bircher meetings he attended back then were hysterically funny. Bob was turned on to the Jewish Question by "that guy" who seems to feature in every JBS chapter, the one everybody knows about and recalls--that one guy who keeps talking about (voice sinks to a whisper) "you know, them! The J people! Shhhh! We must never utter the J word, lest the commissar from Belmont overhear us and cast us into outer darkness!" 

One evening after everyone had duly sat around absorbing the Almighty Voice of Robert Welch from the reel-to-reel tape recorder (yes, this was even pre-cassette and boom box days) and was sipping on their tea and crumpets in the usual posh suburban living room, this character took Bob off to one side and told him, "You look like a bright young feller, so now let me tell you what's really going on and who's responsible. There's a little book you need to read, called The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion. I'll sneak you a copy when we go out to my car, so none of these jackasses catch us." Bob checked the issue out in several libraries, found it was true, said to himself "Hmm, whaddya know? It's the Jews!" and devoted the rest of his life to resisting them.

Bob's main active period was with the Klan, the old UKA, back in the 1960s, active to the point where a rogue FBI agent whom I myself later dealt with, and who served as the model for "Special Agent Bruce Goldberg" in the Northwest novels, decided to teach Bob a lesson by burning down his house in Wake County. Bob lost everything he owned to a criminal act by the servant of a criminal regime. The FBI thug was recognized leaving the scene and his license number was taken down and given to the police. Needless to say, nothing was ever done about it. Bob never had much use for the FBI after that; I think the memory of that injustice was what kept him with us so long. Bob told me once he knew he would never get justice against a federal badge and like any member of  a conquered people, he had to lie down and take the conqueror's boot in silence, but he would do what he could for as long as he could. He did.

Bob became converted to National Socialism the same way so many of us do. He read Mein Kampf, thought about it, decided that Hitler was right and from then on, that was it for him. He toyed with Koehl's NSWPP in the early 70s and he was an Official Supporter for a while, but he never had the chance to get really active with National Socialism because there wasn't anyone else local. Plus he could never quite get the obsession with the number 8 that was starting to creep into Koehl's rap about then.

Bob was the first fellow National Socialist I met when I returned to North Carolina after Rhodesia and a brief, final session in Arlington with Koehl. He became my factotum in the NSPA for a period of five years, but we stayed in touch for years after that. During my time in Ireland Bob was the man who kept me abreast of what was happening back home.

But Bob Lowery was more than a gopher, much more. The man came across like a good old boy, but he had a mind like a steel trap and he was a voracious reader, student, and scholar in his chosen field, which was our own wee little world, "extremist" political movements, Left and Right. Bob was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on anything at all to do with any past movement, individual, book, political party, or event that was even faintly to the right of center. Any time I needed my memory refreshed on something or I needed to know about something or someone from our past, I'd call Bob.  "Hey, Bob, did you ever meet so-and-so?" Chances were he had, or he knew someone who had. "Can you tell me anything about such-and-such or what happened when on, you know, that thing?" Chances were, he could.

A large, ungainly man, you wouldn't think of Bob as a ladies' man, yet in all the years I knew him he was seldom without a girlfriend, sometimes several at once. Not super-models or beauty queens or Valley girls or New Age hippie-dippies (well, okay, one, kind of.) These were not casual one-night-stand type things or the shallow, neurotic, dysfunctional "relationships" of today; they were genuine friendships that lasted for some years at a time, with competent and semi-professional White women who, bluntly put, could have done a lot better for themselves financially and socially, but who chose to spend time with Bob Lowery. 

As with so many White men, he never married or even made the attempt; eventually his ladies drifted off. Their usual complaint was that he wasn't sufficiently "ambitious" to go diving headlong into the rat race, and I suppose he wasn't. Bob's employment was long term--he held about four or five jobs in the 40 or so years I knew him, usually for six or seven years at a stretch, which for a White man in this society is now an almost impossible accomplishment. Bob managed a restaurant  for a few years in his early days, before I met him, and he told me he'd decided early on that he wasn't cut out to work for 70 hours a week to make someone else rich. "I've just got better things to do," he'd say. "There are so many books I want to read."

Anyway, enough maundering. "He was a man. Take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again."

Guys like like me and Doc Fields and Kirk Lyons and a few others like us, the last of our political generation--we are what the British call the "the last of the summer wine." Bob Lowery was like that, and now he's gone, our Movement's stock of summer wine has dwindled still more. You'd best make use of us while we're still available, because once the last of that old vintage like Bob is gone, it's gone.

-Harold A. Covington