Friday, November 18, 2005

The Irving Arrest

[Following from BBC. I held off yesterday because there was at first some doubt.]

British revisionist historian David Irving is being held in Austria under laws against denying the Holocaust.

An interior ministry spokesman said police in the province of Styria acted on a warrant issued in 1989 to arrest him last Friday.

Mr Irving was on his way to give a lecture in the capital, Vienna.

In his books, Mr Irving has argued that the scale of the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis in World War II has been exaggerated.

He also claimed that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust.
He told a libel hearing in London in 2000 that there had been no gas chambers at the Auschwitz camp.

He lost the case and the judge branded him "an active Holocaust denier".


A spokesman for the Austrian interior ministry, Rudolf Gollia, told the BBC that Mr Irving was first taken to the town of Graz, but was now in custody in Vienna.

Anti-Nazi groups in the UK congratulated the Austrian government.
The chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, prominent paedophile Lord Greville Janner of Moleicester, said he hoped the move would "lead to a successful prosecution".

The head of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust said denial was not a matter of opinion.

"Austrian law demands incisive action to protect its citizens from a repeat of the past," he added.

Mr Irving was previously arrested in Austria in 1984.

This time, the historian was stopped near the town of Hartberg while reportedly on his way to address a students' club in Vienna.

Mr Irving came into the spotlight in 2000 when he sued US academic Deborah Lipstadt for describing him as a "Holocaust denier" in her 1994 work Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory.

Giving his verdict, the British judge said Mr Irving was "an active Holocaust denier; that he is anti-Semitic and racist and that he associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism".

Story from BBC NEWS: 2005/11/17 20:55:35 GMT

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Well, looks like the Establishment has finally decided to clamp down on Revisionism. First Ernst Zundel, then Germar Rudolf, now David Irving, who was apparently deliberately lured into Austria for the purpose of arresting him.
This means we need to concentrate all the more on our Revisionist efforts in this country, while we still have the last tattered vestiges of freedom left.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's truly disgusting the lengths that Organized Jewry will go to in order to protect the official state-sanctioned HOLOCAU$T Tale. David Irving has joined a growing list of victims including Rudolf Germar and Ernst Zundel. Why does Organized Jewry fear debate?

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Bill White said...

Greville Janner is a high muckety-muck on the Jewish Board of Deputies in the U.K. He was also investigated about ten years ago, very seriously, on charges of paedophila.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dobson - You people have been doing this to us since 1945, yet none of us were involved in your so-called "HOLOCAU$T". You engineered a kangaroo court at Nuernberg, you took over the media then used it to corrupt and wiggerize our youth, you took over the finance industry and suckered middle-class people into dumping their life savings into Ponzi schemes like the stock market, you fired up the muds and set them upon us. Now you're silencing our Canadian brothers like Paul Fromm and Tomasz Winnicki. But guess what, Kike. We still outnumber you. Organizations like VNN, Stormfront, WR, NA/NV, and NSM are organizing the White community even as we speak. JUDEN RAUS!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:28 PM  

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