Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Thoughts I've Been Pondering

[This comes from one of our teenaged readers.]

I don’t understand why people look down upon racists. They say racism is evil. All it takes is one person to call you a racist and suddenly the rest of your life you are labeled a racist, but yet when someone calls some one else sexist it only sticks with them for only a day or so, and then they move on.

My Webster's dictionary says racism is taking pride in one's race. Last I knew taking pride in your own race and kind is not evil.

I just had another awakening The other day I had a nigger walking behind me in school. He gets right up behind me then grabs my shoulder and squeezes me just as hard as he can, right in the soft spot which is a pressure point. And you know what I couldn’t do anything about it. There are three reasons why I couldn’t. Number one, I'd go to jail for a year. Number two, they would slap a hate crime one me for beating up the nigger, even though it would be self defense.

Number three the nigger's family would probably try and sue the crap out of me, and the judge would probably rule in their favor just because it was called a hate crime. And you can’t say anything to anyone else, because you got no witness.

It's bull butter that you got to put up with such crap as that. Our schools are corrupt, my generation is corrupt. They have no values. The school's idea of education is pop a tape in the idiot box and make the whole class watch it. The school officials all they do is stuff their pockets. They could care less if you have an education. And then they wonder why our taxes go so high.

It's called expenditures. One day I was setting in the school office and looking at a spread sheet on a computer. Across the top it was entitled expenditures. There were over 50 rows of pointless crap they didn't need. I'm 17 years old and thinking about this. Most people of my generation would not spend their time thinking about this. It about drives me to the point of hearing voices.

Then they use the school as a recruiting ground for the military. About every other week there is some branch of the military. And they will try and promise you any thing if they think you will sign up. I believe that if I asked for two 8 balls of crack, saying that I will sign up if they get it for me, they’d do it. But most times they try and offer you free college. And there’s where they get you. Once you sign their paper you’re their property for the rest of your life. Most time they don’t keep their promise of education. They aren’t going to get me, because I am not stupid and brainwashed like a lot of the idiots I have seen.

Why would any one want to do a foolish thing such as join a military for a government that doesn’t care about you? If I joined, the first thing the would do is send me to a place I weren't meant to go. Secondly I'd get my ass blown off.

I also don't like being judged by what a piece of paper says on it, or what I put on a piece of paper. That's the way our school system is going. I took a test and failed it on purpose just to prove a point. I answered every question wrong on purpose. Then when I got the test back I said this test is bogus. I know the right answer for every question on it. Then I showed them my physical ability over what that test had and it surpassed every thing it talked about.

The way the treat us in the school system, they could give you a 100000 gpa but but it don't mean squat. you could have some one with a 0 gpa and have mor physical ability than you. To me that little peice of paper they give you when you graduate don't mean nothing, except for that you attended.

I'm crazy and it feels good to talk about it, and it's not the loony kind of crazy either. The crazy I'm talking of is the truth. Yet they got the nerve to call me evil racist.

-Justin from Michigan

[Okay, boys and girls, all our teenaged and young readers, tell you what. Let's have all your memories and experiences and comments on our wonderful public education system, military recruiters on campus, what is laughingly referred to as "race relations," etc. Just how bad is it nowadays? E-mail me your stories at nwnet@earthlink.net or else to harold_covington@hotmail.com and I will publish your accounts on this blog (no negroid obscenities, please, as tempting as I know it is some time to fall back on them.) - HAC]


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