Thursday, July 27, 2006

Secret Prisons: The Beginning of the End

[By the way, one of those CIA camps is supposedly in Poland, not a stone's throw from Auschwitz. Somebody seems to have a sense of humor, at least. - HAC]

Some of you remember back in the Seventies and Eighties when right-wingers were screaming in our little pre-internet mimeographed newsletters about secret concentration camps that the government was setting up for the time in which they would bring in some kind of internment law.

It's long been an open secret that the ultimate agenda of organizations such as theAnti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith is to see all critics of Israel and the Chosen Ones under lock and key. Yet we were still called paranoid.

Well, it looks like maybe we weren't so paranoid after all. It appears that the CIA is in fact secretly running a number of secret "detainment facilities" all over the world for the purpose of using "proactive interrogation techniques" on so-called terror suspects, who may for all anyone knows may be anyone from Osama Bin Laden himself who is being kept on ice for an October Surprise in the 2008 elections, down to poor little Apu who runs the corner Quickie Mart.

Cutting through all the government bureaucrat-ese and White House spin, the CIA is running secret prisons and torture chambers free from all legal and Congressional oversight, and God alone knows what is going on in these little hell-mouths. The only thing us paranoid right-wingers seem to have gotten wrong is the fact that in addition to the one U. S. torture facility we know about in Guantanamo Bay, these other torture holes are outside the United States instead of out in the Nevada desert somewhere.

But don't worry--much more is coming. The big excuse now is, "Oh, those torture chambers are only for dark-skinned Muslims who aren't citizens of the United States, not good old church-goin' Baptist white boys like me and my family." Yeah, well, you better think again, Cooter. The precedent has now been set. We have allowed the Federal government to get away with torture, imprisonment without trial, refusal of right to counsel, secret military tribunals, and unfettered electronic surveillance for almost five years now, ever since someone--and we still do not know who that someone was--crashed those planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Don't worry, Cooter, Uncle Slime hasn't forgotten you. You're a bit too fond of your guns and your Confederate flag and your freedom of speech? You can bet you're on Uncle's little "to do" list.

It is only a matter of time before the draconian "security" laws which have been enacted in the wake of 9/11 are used without stint on American citizens purely for the crime of dissent.

Okay, let's say you're a typical slack-jawed, red-white-and-blue-waving, Fox News-watching Amurrican yay-hoo who want to jest kill them Ay-rabs and you think George W. Bush is God Almighty instead of the drunken little jug-eared moron he really is. Hmmm, how to convey this to you?

Let me put it this way. All right, we'll assume that for tactical reasons Bush and the people behind him don't want to come after you right now and are content to let Fox News continue to baste your brain in horse urine. But would you trust, say, President Hillary Clinton not to use all those 9/11 laws against white patriots?

Remember, unless the Jewboys and soulless White men in business suits who really run this society from the back room have a genuine falling out, it's more than likely that Hillary's turn is coming up in 2008. Do you really want all these laws allowing the government to drag your ass away in the night and send you to a secret concentration camp in Poland to be tortured?(Secret concentration camp in Poland? Hmm...where have we heard this before?)


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