Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stupid Jarhead

Dear HAC:

It's been a while since I have been able to write or join in on a Sunday night conference, so I write to you to tell you a few things that are going on here.

I got a call from the Marine recruiter the other day. Big waste of my time. Then he wants to waste more of my time, by meeting me yesterday. I told him I wasn’t interested in joining the military. Those idiots can't even read between the lines. I mean I gave him every excuse I knew to throw at him to make him not want me. Finally I had to flat out tell him I am not interested. He also called me fat. and said I would have to lose some weight. [Remainder of letter on Movement business redacted.]


Brilliant Jarhead recruiter there. That's really the way to get young White boys to join the colors and go and slaughter them Ay-Rabs fer Izrul and oil and Gawd's Chosen People. Make fun of their weight. Never mind all the other stuff--why should a young man or woman want to go and fight for a society that makes them fat by constantly confronting them all throughout their childhood with nothing but Happy Meals and Ding Dogs and Pringles Grease and Starch Chips for a diet? - HAC


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