Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tearing Down Christianity

All other racial religious issues aside, I have to concede that Christianity must have something good going for it. Else why have the Jews always been so eager to tear it down, dating from the Middle Ages and before?

The Jews have always hated the Christian religion like poison and have been circulating slanders against Jesus Christ and attempts to undermine his message and his life story for millennia. Martin Luther denounced Jewish attempts to destroy Christianity in The Jews and Their Lies, and we all remember the absolute hysteria that the Jews went into eighteen months ago when producer Mel Gibson produced his theologically accurate movie The Passion, which correctly portrayed the Jewish Sanhedrin as the authors of Christ's murder, as do the Scriptures.

Now there are two new efforts being made to use mysticism and fraud to undermine the central story of Jesus. The latest avenue of attack against the Christian religion has been to try and monkey with the four Gospels themselves, dealing with the life and death of Jesus Christ, and trying to re-write his career and his teachings in a politically correct, feminist and sodomitic mode.

The first and most commonly known of these is something called the "Da Vinci Code." The book by the American author Dan Brown, tells of a Church-led conspiracy to suppress Christ's marriage to Mary Magdalene and his fathering of a royal bloodline. Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly discovered this conspiracy and scattered arcane and bizarre clues all over the fifteenth century which have now miraculously been "discovered" by a set of largely Jewish Biblical scholars.

The novel has sold more than 40 million copies and was the subject of an unsuccessful plagiarism action in the British High Court several months ago.

In point of fact, the idea that Christ was married to or sexually involved with the prostitute Mary Magdalen is an old heresy, and has been advocated in such earlier books as Holy Blood, Holy Grail and movies like the obscene Last Temptation of Christ which has Jesus doing nude sex scenes.

The overall object seems to be to compel the Catholic Church to accept women priests, thus undermining two thousand years of Church doctrine and paving the way for the ultimate goal which seems to be the objective of so much liberal nonsense, the public acceptance of homosexuality as benificent and even better than normal sex between men and women. (Remember: feminism is quite often the camel's nose under the tent for homosexuality, since it teaches that men and women are natural enemies.)

The second attempt to re-write the Bible involves the recent "discovery" of a leather-bound series of papyruses written around 300 AD believed to be the "Gospel of Judas," which claims that it was Christ himself who asked Judas to betray him. This is another ancient heresy going back to the days of the Cathars and Gnostics. The "Gospel of Judas," needless to say, also claims that Judas Iscariot was the favorite disciple of Jesus and all the others were just along for the ride.

The 13 allegedly ancient parchments were "discovered" in a vault in Hicksville, New York by a Jewish (surprise, surprise!) "antiquities dealer" (read art thief) named Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos. She then sold it to National Geographic for a bundle. National Geographic claims that the documents are "authenticated" but the fact is that their provenance and chain of custody remain somewhat murky.

The Jewess also seems to have some unresolved legal problems in Europe regarding her financial practices and shady dealings in bogus antiquities, some of them in the form of arrest warrants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy, here's the rub.

The DaVinci Code was PERMITTED to be published as a book, and PERMITTED to be made into a movie, by the jews that control book publishing and movie publication.

So there has to be something to the ideas in that book that is "good for jews" and bad for white Christian Americans.

Otherwise, the book would NEVER HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY.

You don't see any books explaining Christian Identity theology in your Barnes & Noble bookstores, do you?

Why not? There are many SCHOLARLY books on the subject, including some that reference history and archeological finds.

You don't see those books because those books are "bad for jews."

It's a simple theorem. That's why I haven't wasted even five minutes on the Davince Code...

7:22 PM  

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