Sunday, December 17, 2006

We Are Going To Lose The Internet

I know, I know. Nobody believes me. "Hyuk, hyuk, that's just Hurrold bein' paranoid agin. We all knows we gone have the internet fer EVER and EVER and EVER, so thar ain't no need to keep postal mailing lists or do anythin' in hard copy, no sirree bob!"

And yet I remain convinced that somewhere in the bowels of almost every governmental bureaucracy in the world, there are teams of bureaucrats and computer geeks putting their heads together and plotting how to "bring the internet under control." The signs are starting to re-emerge.

It could take many forms. The favored back door to control at the moment seem to be to allow big huge mergers of all the ISPs so that eventually the internet will become like broadcast and cable television, run by four or five huge conglomerates who can then be pressured to shut down free Net speech from the top through the imposition of "Terms of Service," that favorite catch-all excuse and bludgeon for those who wish to silence opinions and voices on the internet they don't like. The old idea of charging postage for e-mail is also coming out from under its rock; I saw some dweeb pushing that on a talk show the other day as an ostensible method to stop spam.

As the world situation deteriorates, does anyone really think that the powers that be, any powers that be, can tolerate genuine free speech much longer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call. Among the tricks that will be used are compulsory DRM on the motherboard of new computers (X-Box type security is being improved for that right now.), DRM on the solid State hard drives now coming in, licence to run a web site, all enforced by national law, to prevent terrorism, piracy, kiddy porn and of course HATE.

The big boys are pissed the Internet got in under the radar and they will get it back.

I don't think they can nail it down altogether but they can make it so only the margingalized few can publish the truth. the great sheeple flock will get the pablum prepared for them (sports, movies etc. as now) and the white man will go back to sleep.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's been too good to be true, I guess...

7:57 PM  

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