Thursday, March 08, 2007

Are Elections Rigged? (Hint: Yes, They Are)

Hollywood seems determined to break every social, sexual and moral taboo on the books, even to the point of raping 12 year-old (White) girls like Dakota Fanning on screen and making some Jew jokes on late-night cartoon shows like South Park, Squidbillies, and even the Simpsons which I'm astounded they get away with.

But almost unnoticed, Hollywood recently broke another taboo, a much more serious one: the taboo against speculating on whether or not our four-year dog and pony show Presidential elections are rigged.

Saw the movie Man Of The Year last night. It was mildly amusing, although Robin Williams is still playing Mork from Ork, and after thirty years that gets a bit wearing. Much to everyone's surprise, Williams seems to have turned into a better serious actor than a comic.

I won't ruin the plot for those who haven't seen it, but as I'm sure everyone knows, the basic premise is that a professional, as opposed to the usual amateur and unintentional comedian, runs for President and wins. But there is a sub-plot which I must admit fascinates me. Again, I won't go into details, but it has to do with the suggestion that these fancy-schmancy computerized voting systems we now use for national elections in this country could be very, very easily rigged to pre-determine the result.

Look at the incredible doofuses who have ruled this country for the past fifty years, or come to think of it, since that evil troll Franklin Delano Roosevelt got in back in 1932. Come on, now! Does anyone really believe that this long succession of political hacks (Truman, Eisenhower, Bush One), thieves (Nixon), satyrs (Kennedy and Clinton), corrupt machine politicians (Truman, Kennedy), buffoons (Ford, Carter), drunks (Nixon, Bush Two), rapists (Clinton), traitors (Clinton), and downright psychopaths (Bush Two) is the best that a country this big and full of talent and ability can do?

Someone's stacking the deck every four years, people, and the deck ain't being stacked in our favor.


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