Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No, The System Does NOT Work!

I actually saw a post from some moron this morning stating that the conviction of Dick Cheney's Jewish chief of staff "Scooter" Libby somehow proves that "the system works."

Horse shit. The system not only doesn't work, it has failed miserably to rein in the neocons and prevent thousands of American deaths and hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims. If "the system worked" it would have been George W. Bush and Dick Cheney themselves on trial for crimes against humanity, not some hapless fall guy charged with a couple of purely technical violations of some obscure Federal law no one ever heard of until this case. (A fall guy who will probably be pardoned by the drunken midget in the White House. Other than the evil Jonathan Pollard and the deranged Irv Rubin, when was the last time a Jew ever did any time in this country?)

Rubbish. The System is a complete and total failure, has been for well over two generations, and needs to be brought down along with everyone in it.


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