Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No More Integration

[Got an e-mail on that Supreme Court decision last month that finally backed off school integration after 53 years. - HAC]

In an amazing moment of clarity, one justice remarked "it is unclear whether increased interracial contact improves racial attitudes and relations."

Well I'll be damned. You mean seating me next to a negro doesn't mean I'll grow to like him? Great find!

That's one of the most ironic things about racial politics in America.

From the 1950s to today, bleeding heart liberals, who had little if any experience with ordinary blacks, would accuse White Southerners of being "ignorant" for not liking blacks.

Exactly what were the White Southerners ignorant of? If anything, they had much more experience with blacks than any sane person would want to have.

I suppose there's been one improvement since blacks became a widespread problem outside the South. Aside from politicians and Jews, I almost never hear a White man talking about "poor oppressed blacks" anymore.

-Mr. T.


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