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The Great Mystery

[This is a post from one of the endless internet discussions on the subject of why American White people are such dysfunctional flakes. It lays out some interesting ideas. - HAC]

Okay, we all know about that part, Phil. We know they don't want to give up their comforts. But there is something deeper and more insidious going on here. I say that because this lack of reaction on the part of American whites has gone way past anything normal.

Just look at all the black and Mexican atrocities committed on whites and in many cases entire white families, as they are brutally wiped out. It's nation-wide and it's constant, and it's been going on a long time and at an increasing rate as more and more niggers realize they can get away with it. They are in many, many instances tortured, raped, beaten, cut up, shot, castrated and even gutted alive, then finally and mercifully executed. I know of one couple that was burned on top of all this.

These events are seldom reported by the liberal media, and when they are, they're spun in such a way as to downplay the entire thing, focusing instead on the faults of the victims and the "poor, disenfranchised" niggers that can't help but "act out" their frustration. How many times have we heard that disgusting excuse?

Any people in any country would rise up at hearing news of evil deeds like these. Anyone but us, it would seem. One would think that even the spoiled and soft grub-worm whites we have now would revolt in some manner. But something else is stopping them. Something I can't quite put my finger on.

When I talk to Joe Blow American about this, he usually just shrugs his shoulders at me and says "What are you getting so worked up about? That's life, man!" As if I'm being some kind of nut or paranoid for even sweating it. It's as if he's off in some dream world and I'm torqueing him by even talking about something that might bust his bubble of fantasy. It's downright spooky.

And he's not alone. I've lost count of the times I've been told by people that I'm overreacting or paranoid, or a conspiracy nut, etc., etc.. In fact some of them get more hostile towards me that they would at the atrocities. If they'd ever even face the fact they're happening, that is...Is it cowardice, plain and simple? Or is it apathy grown into a religion? Or maybe it's something even deeper psychologically, like the will to die, a suicidal urge like the lemmings?

I can't prove it yet, but I have some very strong suspicions in that direction. Here is a theory of mine I'm working on. You be the judge:

Since this nation was founded, Americans have always had a goal, something to work towards or fight for. Something that drove them, motivated them, defined them. First there was the War of Independence, then building and taming state after state, fighting off Indians and wild predators and hardships.

Manifest Destiny. Americans all had a goal, a vision of the future and they were all connected to each other through that spiritual bond and also through the physiological bond of a common race. Slowly, through countless years of sacrifice and struggle, this nation slowly took shape. And it was wonderful.

Then came the Civil War, then World War I and II. Inventions sprang up everywhere and we rode on the crest of our greatness, with everyone working together to "win." It didn't really matter what it was we won, just as long as we were fighting for something. The white race was respected and feared all over the world. To be an American was better than being a Roman citizen of old.

Then we finally did it. We won the Cold War. All our boogeymen were gone and we had won everything. There were no more wars to fight, battles to win, struggles to undertake. We laid back and enjoyed the fruits of our labors, and those of all our forefathers who fought and died to help give us all this. There was nothing left to do. No more battles, wars, struggles, heroic deeds, nothing. Just lay up and become couch potatoes. And so did our kids, and their kids too, until nobody is connected anymore, or has a clue what it means to be the greatest race on Earth, or in history for that matter.

And like a kid that's been given everything without working for it, they've got where they don't appreciate the things they have or the sacrifices it took to get them. They've started to take it all for granted, becoming spoiled, worthless and unappreciative.And after a while nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Why should it? People have lost their sense of self-worth. After all, they didn't have to earn what they have, not really. So the fun in things left. People stopped going to church and to baseball games and to the park with their kids or joining clubs, etc. They stay home instead, never even knowing their neighbor's name. Life started to become meaningless. The suicide rate has begun to skyrocket and assaults on schools and shopping centers become common as people vent their rage and frustration on those around them.

So when the government started to take away their freedoms a little at a time, they didn't care. Why should they? They've given up. In fact, deep down they want trouble. They want some kind of change to their lives, an end to their pointless, aimless existence. They need things to strive for, to overcome. Deep down they even want war. I believe it's why people have such a fixation with violence, death and mayhem on TV today. The bloodier and gorier, the better. So they just sit and let the whole ball of wax melt, crumbling to nothing as they watch with apathetic faces.

We're discovering a frightening and ugly thing about ourselves as a species: We need strife. We need trouble and battles and struggles and even war. It defines us. It's who we really are. Ask yourself this:

Who are our heroes? They're people that have conquered something. They've overcome some great foe or problem, or done the impossible or the difficult. Generals, explorers, warriors, inventors, sports stars, leaders in times of great trouble. It's not those that kept the status quo. No farmers or housewives or construction workers or bus drivers. Only the fighters, the strugglers that make man's list of heroes.

And with the government now controlling our every move, limiting our freedoms and keeping a tight control on our everyday lives, there's no room for men like these anymore. Not even for a few role models to look up to. Nothing. The White American is caged, neutered, trapped. He has no future. There are no more mountains to climb, no lands to explore, no problems to solve. The government has control of everything. Heck, you can't even think or say what you want anymore. White America is institutionalized.

Example: For most Americans, there's no place to go if you decide to leave your house and just go someplace outside. Oh, you can go to a park, but it's controlled and has a raft of rules. You can go to a few other tame places, but they too are controlled and monitored and cost money. There's almost no place a man can go now and just be himself without any government intervention or law. No piece of land anywhere, where he can step off into a "free zone" where he can be himself.

We have more people in prison here than any other nation on Earth. It's over three million now. And the rest of us are in prison in our own homes. If we walk the streets we are stopped by police because we shouldn't be out walking. We have to stay in our own yards, and better still, inside. Just like a prison cell, we spend most of our lives in our little rooms, watching TV and reading and doing the mundane, routine things that keep us going through to the next identical, pointless day.

Is it any wonder some of us snap? Is it any wonder our people don't care anymore?I think that if we were to offer them hope, a real chance and winning this war, we could get all the people we needed. But right now they see no way to fight this gigantic government monster. So far it's been indestructable, gobbling up everyone that dared to raise a hand against it, right or wrong. Because right and wrong have nothing to do with it when a government is this powerful. Might is right.So we have to come up with a way...something that will once again fire the imagination of the American White.

We have to give them hope...Food for thought..... ......


[Joom, you have just stated the rationale behind the four Northwest Independence novels. I am glad to see that someone else GETS IT. - HAC]


Anonymous Team_Euro said...

I always receive the frightening look from other Whites when informing them of the genocide we are facing. They tend to believe that only introverted White males with mental issues feel this way,so it is still very hard to convince the "mainstream" white idiots in this country to revolt. American whites will not do shit for their people unless the government forced them to do so. I seriously believe that it's pointless wasting our time on American white degenerates. Most "whites" in this country would rather continue to worship the negroid or hire the Mexican workers to replace them. Maybe our focus should be more on Slavic immigrants and Afrikaner-Boers for our survival, because these immigrants know all too well about White genocide. Shit, just ask a Serb about how glorious it is to celebrate diversity.

12:09 AM  
Blogger eurokin said...


You wrote something so tragically beautiful - and poignant. Tragic, because you heartbreakingly describe the fall of Nature's finest. Beautiful, because you write with a somewhat resigned, yet defiantly hopeful voice.

I have tried to discuss the genocide that is occurring among the White populations all over the world. I read in a U.N. population survey publication that it was predicted in 1986 that the white populations in the world, by the year 2040, will represent 3% of the world's population -- then after this stunning revelation, the author's wrote:

"Some researchers say that this is a victory for diversity."

There can only be victory when there is a war -- and it was clearly defined in that study.

I try to tell my white friends and family about this -- they too just shrug and ask, "what can anybody do about it?" The White people of this world need a leader -- are there no courageous, charismatic, intelligent, strong-willed, racially-proud, White Men out there who can reach out to, and inspire once again, the the greater passions of Our People?

I'm afraid we had the last chance in the early 20th Century -- instead of embracing a call for a return to greatness and self-determination, the white people of the world turned against that cal...effectively opening the doors to the Jew World Order and the war against white.

Tragic indeed...

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

curl up and die

2:26 PM  

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