Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Does A Stepin Fetchit Act

De Revund Al Sharpton is all pissed off now with the Funky Monkey because he won't back Sharpton's play on "shutting down New York" over that nigger who got shot in the ass (by two black detectives, I might add.)

Sharpton accuses BO of "grandstanding in front of White people." Yeah, well, you have to realize, Al, that for a while at least BO is pretty much constrained to do a Stepin Fetchit act, in order to pretend that as President he won't turn on Whites like some cannibal Mugabe or Idi Amin. Which he will, of course, or else whoever comes to D.C. wid de O-Man's posse (possibly including Sharpton himself) will.

Chill out, Al. De brothuh gots enough problems wid that other Revund Wright, jive-ass nigger be running aroun' runnin' him mout like he be. Just chill and you and Jesse and Calypso Louis be gettin' yo' props in de Oble Office.


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