Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A South Carolinian Writes

Dear Mr. Covington:

I have recently discovered the Northwest migration movement, and I have decided that I will be moving out there as soon as I retire. South Carolina has become an open air sewer with nothing but black and brown monkeys running up and down. I am so sick of seeing their gibbering faces that of I stay here, one day I'm going to lose it, pick up a weapon and start blasting them one day. I never understood how that could happen. Now I do. It's almost worth dying yourself if you can just hear some of these black and brown animals scream before you die. You have offered me hope for myself and my family. I will be seeing you soon in the Homeland.

-Name Withheld


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I arrived in the Northwest homeland last Friday. I came up from Georgia. I know what you mean about those f*cking monkeys everywhere. You can't go into a restaurant or anywhere else without being outnumbered by those ugly black faces. I've been here five days now and haven't seen a single nigger. My advice: Don't wait. Do everything you can to move now. We need numbers.

9:11 AM  

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