Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - April 12th, 2012

HAC rambles about spiritual stuff, Harold and Sally and Charles and Mac BS about everything from stoned EMOs in Iraq to Canadian gun cases to the internal politics of Israel, and Trayvon Martin is not mentioned once.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you not mention St. Trayvon once! Oh! The humanity! Do you not know that St. Trayvon is now the patron saint against EEEEVIL WIIICKED WHITE PEOPLE?!? WHITE PEOPLE martyred St. Trayvon (even though he was killed by a mex). Luckily I have been programed right! OHHHH we need to put all the honkies in camps now, thus are the words of St. Martin Luther Jr. and St. Red Foxx. Blessed be their bitches, Yo!

(NB: Amen is no longer used. Amen is a WHITE term of slavery. The more proper "YO!" is now used at the end of prayers. Thus are the instructions of St. Jessie Action Jackson. Yo!)

10:01 AM  

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