Monday, January 28, 2013

Piss In The Milk

It only takes one single drop of piss in a glass of milk to make it poisonous and unfit to drink. Back before Vietnam, sailors, marines and GIs were welcome in any port. They were greeted with cheers and open bottles of beer, the inhabitants always glad to see our faces. No longer. When Vietnam rolled around, signs like "Dogs and Americans keep off the grass!", and "Our daughters are not for American dogs!". These signs and "Yankee go home!" littered the streets in every port.

Why? What changed? We did or should I say, our leadership did. They forcibly, against the vigorous resistance of an angry nation, crammed worthless niggers down our throats, forcing all the branches of American military to take on a ten percent quota of niggers to satisfy the Jew agenda we call "civil rights". And the first thing those apes did when we hit a port was to start breaking into homes, raping twelve and thirteen-year-old little girls, and killing people in dark alleys. Crime was almost unheard of in many of these places, but our niggers quickly changed all that. And it continues to this day.

And just what, if anything has our leadership done to address the problem? Why, they found scape-goats--white scapegoats--to hang it on. After all, their commanding officers were the ones ultimately responsible for their men, right? And after all, blacks will "act out", "venting their frustration over slavery and decades of oppression by whitey", and we must make allowances. God.

The hypocrisy of it all must stink all the way to heaven. Everyone knows niggers will behave like niggers, I don't care how many lies they pump at us on the tube, or how many books they write about black equality, it's all horse sh*t and even the writers know it.

I once heard a man portraying a senator say, "The secret to gaining power is to tell a lie loud enough and long enough that you get people to go along with you. And once you get them to accept as the truth what they know deep down is a lie, you've got them by the balls." And that folks, is the nigger problem in a nutshell. Deep down even the hardcore liberals know they're nothing but lust filled animals, but they go along with the Great Lie because the Jews control them now, and they say it's the truth. And whatever they say goes because they sign the paychecks and they control who gets a future and who dies in the gutter. So Hollywood sold its soul to the Devil for wealth and fame, and the American whites sold out because they were too damned stupid to realize what a whopper the Jews were telling until it was too late.

I blame the American housewife and the American white male for this fall. The females for praising and supporting this vile lifestyle, and the men for tolerating any woman stupid enough to buy into it. The men should be shunning these women like a plague, making them understand the only way their thick skulls will see it, that unless they go back to the old ways of our fathers, the men will look for mates in other lands, leaving them for the niggers and lowlifes.

They must be made to suffer, to feel total rejection until they turn around and crawl out of the filth they are now wallowing in. I am ashamed of our women. They scream and applaud faggots like Helen Degenerate and all the liberal propaganda shows like "The View", both of which are tailor made tools of the Jews to further brain-wash our youth.

You know, when Obama was re-elected, a line from Keats came to mind: "What rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born". I had an epiphany yesterday about the 2012 predictions and why they didn't come to pass.

Well they did, we just didn't see it. That's because we misinterpreted their warning. What they were warning us of was that the beginning of the end would start on that day.

I now believe that decisions were made on that fateful day by the evil powers in control of this world, to implement a plan long in the works, a plan to end civilization as we know it. How do I accurately convey what I'm trying to tell you here? When someone gets their throat cut they don't die instantly.

It takes a while for them to bleed out. And at first they don't even realize they've had it cut, or that they're already dead. Sometimes they'll even keep on fighting, oblivious to their injury. Well I think that aptly describes America and for that matter, all of Western civilization.

We're still going to work, shopping at the store, sending our brats off to school in the morning to get their daily dose of liberal brainwashing, but almost nobody knows what's happened. But the really wise among us have been keeping abreast of the  subtle activities of our government and the Jewish cabal in control.

And every last activity and movement of every single government agency and department of every nation on earth is a small part of that great beast. 

For example, how many of you knew that Homeland Security has gone on a maniacal ammo buying binge? How many more know that it's not just them, but every other security agency on earth? Because when the hammer falls it's going to be a global assault on the peoples of the earth.

Every race and nation on earth will be cripple almost overnight by an orchestrated and long planned coup, the likes of which this world has never seen. For a long time I thought that the entire idea was totally preposterous and nothing but the fears of paranoid nut jobs and kooks. It was only after a lot of research and digging that my skin turned several shades lighter.

And don't forget that those boxcars, guillotines and coffins are real as it gets and are still there, waiting. They didn't make all those for decorations in a Halloween show, now did they? Heads are going to roll folks, if you'll pardon the pun...ours included if we continue to sit on our collective asses, waiting for something to happen. Because I guarantee you that when it hits there will be damned little time to react. We need to prepare now, now tomorrow, or our own heads will be rolling down Obama's disposal chutes.

The piss in the milk isn't just blacks, or wetbacks or any other invading race, it's those that are in power that shouldn't be, and those among us that are allowing this atrocity to continue. Sure there's going to be bloodshed, and pain and suffering and death and loss. But if we fail to act the suffering we will experience fighting these monsters will seem like a stroll in the park compared to what they have in store for us. The choice is yours and yours alone. I think some of you have already come to the conclusions I have, and you're trying to come to grips with it. Good for you. Just don't take too long thinking about it.

-The Lone Haranguer



Blogger brian boru said...

The line of poetry wasn't by Keats but from WB Yeats' poem 'The Second Coming'.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Douglas Pearson said...

Great article as always. Thanks Lone Haranguer.

11:50 PM  

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