Monday, July 03, 2017

Harold's List

This is a list of Good Guys, not Bad Guys.

Right: thus far, I believe I can state with some assurance that the closets of the following Alt.Right and White nationalist personalities are free of the following depravities:


*Toleration or trivialization of buggery;

*Jewish blood;

*Toleration of Jews as "part of the European tradition" or trivializing or minimizing the historic role of the Jewish Question in human events;

*Mudsharking, "sport-banging brown pussy," interracial marriage, mulatto or mestizo children, or race-mixing of any kind. 

*Weird sex stuff of any kind;

*Informing, in that no one here has testified in open court against anyone else in the Movement or been named as an informant by any credible source. (Anti-White NGOs, media, internet, law enforcement and judiciary are not considered reliable sources for the purposes of this list.)

Harold A. Covington (myself)
Andy Donner
Bill Roper
Dr. Tom Sunic
Chris White (U.K.)
Matt Heimbach*
Dr. Kevin McDonald
Brad Griffin

This list is subject to update and correction. Comments should be e-mailed to and will not be approved on this blog.



Anonymous Joseph Curwen said...

Matt Heimbach dated a jewish girl, Ashley Rae Goldenberg.

2:30 PM  

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