Thursday, November 02, 2017

Andy Donner - Theorycraft #2 Podcast 

Short but important podcast by Andy Donner on all that inside baseball stuff. 26 minutes long. Andy answers the question: "If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why haven't we succeeded yet?"

May I suggest to our YouTube-ing comrades that this would make an excellent video with appropriate graphic artwork? Let's unlimber all that Aryan creativity, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NWF should get off JewTube. There are alternatives now.

4 of these are secure, most seem to be more conservative than progressive, including some alt-right. Openly defiant of Jew media.

I don't have the knowledge but someone could move "A Message From The Underground" to an alternative. JewTube put their blue-line WARNING and disabled "certain features".

The URL is

2:40 PM  

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